Between six and eight million dogs and cats enter the shelter system every year in the U.S. Sadly, of all the animals that find themselves in a shelter, only a small portion are adopted into a forever home. To help animals get adopted, shelter staff are looking into ways that they can help the animals they care for be “more adoptable.” While a precious face and wagging tail might be enough to convince most Green Monsters to take in a rescue pet, there are some very practical considerations that need to be tended to before doing so.

For example, if you’re adopting a kitten into a family that has a dog … how will this new kitten react to your dogs? Just because you love your rescue animals, does not mean they will always love one another. Instinctively, most cats are scared of dogs or view them as a threat, which can make for real tension at home. To help reduce the stress and risk associated with this experience, the Arizona Humane Society is calling in their dog nanny, Boots, to help care for the shelter’s rescue kittens.


Boots is a 12-year-old Hurricane Katrina survivor who happily spends every Wednesday being crawled on by kittens. By introducing the kittens to a dog from a young age, the shelter hopes to improve the kitten’s comfort around dogs to make them more adaptable and adoptable. This can also help reduce the chances of an adopter returning or abandoning kittens due to conflict with existing pets. Pretty genius, right!?