Bon Voyage, Teddy Bear! Japanese Travel Agency Takes Your Stuffed Animal on Vacation

When we’re sick, a stuffed animal can be a great source of comfort. We can snuggle them and they don’t mind when we sneeze or cough.

A Japanese travel agency, Unagi Travel, is now giving people’s favorite stuffed animals the chance to go on an adventure when their owner is sick or unable to do so. Founder Sonoe Azuma takes the stuffed animals on trips with her (ranging in cost from $35 to $55 per stuffed animal) which includes return shipping as well as a memento photograph.


The stuffed animal’s travels can be followed through updates on the Unagi Travel Facebook page, keeping their owner’s up to date. Azuma said, “Recently, I asked 25 clients if they became interested in traveling to the areas their stuffed animals visited…and all 25 of them answered yes,” as reported by ABC news.

Is stuffed animal travel a bit “out there?” Perhaps, but if it can put a smile on someone’s face if they’re having a hard time, why not? I say, bon voyage Mr. Teddy Bear!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons