There is a saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This perfectly describes the story of this beautiful cow named Gali.

Gali was rescued by Freedom Farm Sanctuary after they begged a farmer to let them take her off their hands instead of sentence her to death. Being blind, she was deemed useless. Since she couldn’t figure out where the food was, it was obvious she wouldn’t be able to find the milking machines either. She was also underweight so selling her for meat was out of the question, no one wanted her. As far as the industry was concerned, Gali was trash.


Thanks to Freedom Farm Sanctuary, however, Gali’s story didn’t end there. With the compassionate and caring team at Freedom Farm, she has been growing in confidence by leaps and bounds. Her health has also prospered- she has gained weight and is now rocking a beautiful shiny coat. Though Gali still suffers from the horrors of her past, her trust, happiness, and health have skyrocketed. This sweet cow has even started playing with some of the other cows! Gali is now living a life where she is cared for, loved, and yes, treasured.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary is an incredible non-profit organization in Isreal that is on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate cows and other farm animals from the meat and dairy industry. They also seek to change hearts and consciousness by inviting the public to visit, be exposed, and get acquainted with animals from industrial farms. Freedom Farm Sanctuary is the first farm sanctuary in Isreal and was born out of the hundreds of thousands of people in Isreal who seek to live in harmony with other living beings and view them as equals entitled to their own lives free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

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