The highly-popular blockbuster Black Panther has been inspiring children and adults alike, but there seems to be an additional unexpected bonus because of the film — some shelters are reporting an increase in adoption of black cats because of the movie!

A Tumblr user from Durango, Colorado explained that the local shelters were seeing a significant increase in black cat adoptions, stating, “My local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE, because they’ve all been adopted out and named after the characters. ‘T’challa’ is the most popular, but there are a fair number of ‘Okoye’s and ‘Shuri’s as well … and one very confused Elderly Humane Society Volunteer wondering why someone would name such a sweet cat ‘Killmonger.'”


They followed up their post with this information, as there is a real concern that cats adopted as part of the comic hype may be returned later:


A black cat adoption event was also held alongside a screening of Black Panther in Richardson, Texas. However, the ASPCA says this increase in black cat adoptions is not necessarily the case nationwide, but the fact that animals are being adopted, even on a smaller scale, is certainly reason to celebrate.

It is worthy to note that no one should adopt an animal simply based on fads, trends, or pop-cultural interests. If you would like a little black panther of your own, make sure you have the space, time, energy, devotion, and finances to do so. A lot goes into properly caring for animals, and bringing an animal into your home when you are not prepared does not benefit you or the animal, and it could result in the animal being returned to the shelter, or worse. For tips on how to prepare yourself for adopting a new animal companion, check this out. For advice on cats, in particular, visit here.


Image Source: Pixabay