Andras Forgacs is co-founder of a biofabrication company called Modern Meadow, and in this TED talk he explains how he is part of a team working toward the creation of a humane alternative to meat and leather.

The leather or meat is created by tissue engineering, a method of growing tissues that has been developed initially for medical applications. Since it’s made in a lab, the “leather” can be grown in different shapes, sizes, thickness and textures.


Just some of the reasons that make this technology a better choice include: 99 percent less land required, 96 percent less water consumed, 96 percent fewer greenhouse gases emitted, 45 percent less energy needed, no risk of livestock diseases, and no animals harmed. Those are some statistics we could all live better with.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

P.S. Want to make this dream a reality? Modern Meadow is hiring researchers. Spread the word!