Peter, a bear saved by International Animal Rescue (IAR) in Armenia, was forced to live his life locked in a tiny, filthy cage. He was kept in the corner of an oppressively dark warehouse, without anything even remotely resembling care. When the rescue team got to him, they found a thin, weak, and visibly neglected animal. “Of all the bears we have rescued in Armenia so far, this little bear is by far the saddest of them all,” they shared.

Thanks to IAR, Peter was finally rescued from the misery of confinement and is now going to learn that there is another way to live – a happy way. When the rescuers first approached him, he did not show any signs of aggression but rather “seemed sweet-natured and inquisitive, perhaps daring to hope that help was at hand.”


Now, Peter is in quarantine at IAR’s center and receiving round-the-clock expert care. All of the people surrounding him now are on his side and fighting to ensure the horrors of his past become a distant memory.

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