Animals, like humans, have to deal with the curveballs life throws at them. Just as some people are born with disabilities or suffer from a physical injury in their life, dogs can also experience these things and have to adapt to a new lifestyle. For example, Sadie, the beagle, has lost the ability to walk using her legs. Instead, she uses wheels to maneuver around her home.

Unfortunately, Sadie kept slipping out of her contraption. Thankfully, her loving guardian and veterinarian were able to come up with a creative solution: a wrap that can be strapped onto Sadie, with two small faux legs, to keep her in place as she wheels around. 

Sadie 3

With the wrap, Sadie seems to have a much easier time staying in her cart, upright, and ready to roll! 

Sadie 1


Now that she can ride without interruptions, she jets past her brother excitedly. An activity, that unsurprisingly tires the lil’ pup out. 

Sadie 4



All too often, people don’t give animals with disabilities the chance they deserve to lead long, happy lives. The fact is that animals are incredibly resilient when they are given a chance and Sadie is proof of this. “Broken” is simply a mindset and if we can all learn to see animals for the beautiful individuals they are, regardless of any physical or emotional trauma, we can help foster a more compassionate – and happy world. We are so glad that the kind people who care for Sadie went above and beyond to help this pup lead a normal life.

All Image Source: JessicaAK/Imgur