It was obvious that Rosemary the bat knew that her rescuers meant her no harm and were only there to help. The poor girl had gotten entangled in anti-bird netting and according to the Batzilla the Bat facebook page, she was a little angel throughout the whole ordeal.

This is the type of netting used to keep birds off of certain trees but because of the large holes, it poses dangers to all types of animals, including bats like Rosemary. Luckily, for this girl, she was safely removed from the tree and cut from the netting. Look at that sweet face!


Denise Wade, flying fox carer and coordinator at the Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD in Brisbane, Australia warns to stay away from netting that you can fit a finger through and opt for wildlife safe shade cloth netting. Help spread the word about this dangerous type of netting to prevent more accidents like this one.

Keep in mind, if you come across an injured bat or any wild animal, it is always in the animals best interest to be cared for by a professional wildlife rehabilitator.

To donate to the Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD and learn more, click here.