There is nothing better than a successful animal rescue and rehabilitation story to warm your heart and provide hope for a more humane future. Many of you may remember Budi, a darling baby orangutan who unfortunately spent the first 10 months of his life in a chicken cage. At the time, rescuers didn’t think Budi would survive due to poor nutrition and neglect, but three years after his rescue by International Animal Rescue (IAR), he looks completely different!

While kept in a cage as a pet, Budi was only fed condensed milk, which caused his joints to swell and his skin to flake. After rescue, however, he learned to enjoy puréed foods that helped him grow stronger. His condition was touch and go for many months, but then he started to thrive!


As Budi grew stronger and more agile, he began to develop his climbing skills. The bright little guy excelled at IAR’s “baby school” and soon graduated to “forest school” where he loves swinging from trees all day long. He has also learned to successfully build a nest all on his own!

Budi’s playful nature also began to shine and he has readily made friends with other rescued orangutans in IAR’s care.

IAR expresses sincere gratitude to those who have donated to Budi’s recovery, stating, “To every single donor who helped Budi when he needed it most, thank you. Together we have changed his life and given him a chance when all hope was lost. We will forever be grateful to you for helping this orangutan grow strong, healthy and happy. The things we can achieve with your support continue to humble and inspire us.”


If you have fallen in love with Budi like we have, you can follow his progress and donate toward his care and that of other rescued orangutans on the IAR website. And remember to share this uplifting update with your friends and family!

All Image Source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook