Baby Jade Found in Park, Named After Her German Shepherd Rescuer

Many of the happy ending stories we share here on One Green Planet come from humans saving animals, whether they’re dogs, cats, pigs, horses or even orangutans! Although these animals go on to help complete a family or help individuals down the line, sometimes, it’s the animal that becomes the rescuer. On Halloween day in Stechford, Birmingham, in England, a newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a park by a German Shepherd dog named Jade. The baby girl is doing well at Heartlands Hospital where the nurses have named her after her rescuer.

It all started when Roger Wilday, a grandfather of five, took his nine-year-old German Shepherd, Jade for a walk in Birmingham park around  2 p.m. As Wilday and Jade were about to finish up their walk, Jade’s attention was directed to an area of bushes. It was unusual for Jade to run away from Wilday, so he walked over to Jade  who was now lying down.


As Wilday approached the bushes, he noticed a small carrier bag on the ground next to Jade. As he got closer, he finally realized that inside the carrier bag was a small baby. He immediately called authorities and within the hour, the baby girl was receiving medical attention at Heartlands Hospital.

At the hospital, it was determined that the baby girl was only about 24 hours old and was believed to have been only in the park for 30 minutes. With the cool fall conditions and night approaching, it would have been unlikely for the newborn to survive longer than a few hours.  After receiving a prognosis of a full recovery, the nurses named the lucky baby girl after her rescuer.

Hearing that the nurses named the baby Jade, Catherine Wilday, Roger’s wife, told the Birmingham Mail, “I’m really pleased that the nurses named the baby after Jade, it makes me so proud of her.”

The BBC reports that authorities are investigating how baby Jade ended up in the park and are searching for her parents. They are even testing the DNA of baby Jade, as well as the bag she was found in to gather any leads in the case. If appropriate, they hope to eventually reunite baby Jade with her mother.


Whereever baby Jade ends up, let’s hope her tragic start to life will only lead to happiness in the future and her name forever be a reminder of her German Shepherd guardian angel!