Individuals who work for wildlife rescue organizations view the world in a different way than most people. While many of us see ourselves detached from nature, wildlife workers are much more receptive to how interconnected we are with nature and all of her inhabitants. Just take the incredible people at Wildlife SOS who spend their days rescuing animals from terrible places like bear bile farms and elephant tourism centers.

Wildlife SOS is trying to put an end to these cruel industries and change the way we interact with animals on a global scale. Still, that doesn’t mean that they won’t still go out of their way to help an injured animal if they happen to stumble upon one, even if it’s as small as a baby bird.


While most people are advised to resist picking up and trying to help abandoned baby birds, Wildlife SOS rescuers are exactly the type of people who are equipped to handle such a situation! And you bet that they are more than happy to help.

Just recently, the organization rescued a sparrow fledgling from a house in Delhi, India. They clearly value every life, no matter how tiny! 

Baby Sparrow in text



Wildlife SOS sends a great message with this kind act: all lives have value. We are interconnected with nature and although much of it carries on without us, when we can intervene in a positive way, we should. Considering the fact that we litter our land with pollution, fill the oceans with plastic, and disrupt ecosystems on a regular basis, the world could use a little positive intervening. And if we can extend a bit of compassion to our fellow animals in need, why wouldn’t we?  We’re all in this together, after all.

Image Source: Wildlife SOS/Twitter