Animals are so easily misunderstood in our society. People look at pigs and think they are filthy, glutinous animals, they look at chickens and think that they’re bird-brained and dumb, and they look at bats and think that they are scary and dangerous animals. Well, as many animal lovers know, these misconceptions are far from true. Bats, in particular, have had a time shaking off their unsavory rep. Despite their better interest, they have been pegged as unofficial mascots of Halloween and represent all things creepy.

Despite these preconceived notions about bats, there are some instances where their cuteness simply cannot be debated. Like, you know, when they’re snuggled in a blanket and casually enjoying a warm bottle… 

Baby Bat



How can you be afraid of the precious face of this rescued bat?! While yes, we should be wary of coming into close contact with bats, since they can carry a number of harmful diseases, there are plenty of things that bats do on a larger scale that is beneficial to the entire community. Most notably, they help manage pests like mosquitoes and aid in the pollination process. So next time you go a summer day without a mosquito bite or grab an apple, just remember, a bat likely lent a helping hand somewhere along the line.

With the bat population in rapid decline over the past few years, it’s imperative not only for the survival of their species, but for the benefit of ours, that we do everything we can to break these harmful stereotypes about them! To learn more about how you can help bats, click here.

Image Source: Baby Bats and Buddies of Australia/Facebook