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Woo hoo! Australia’s biggest dairy producer, Murray Goulburn, has announced a 22 percent drop in sales! The dairy producers say that milk intake has dropped 2.7 billion liters in the fiscal year 2016-2017, making a loss of $370.8 million in profits. Wow.

Murray Goulburn formed way back in 1950 and because of poor sales has been forced to discontinue their infant formula line, and they are currently shutting down three processing facilities to try to recoup their sale losses. Despite consumers boycotting no-named milk in support of milk that supports Australian farmers, there has still been an unprecedented drop in milk sales, with lower milk intake and adverse seasonal conditions to blame, reports ABC News.

Just last week we shared the news of Dean Food, the largest dairy company in the United States, shutting down yet another processing plant due to poor sales so this news about Murray Goulburn is no surprise. The consumption of dairy has been facing a steady decline for decades. Plus, more consumers are waking up to the fact the dairy industry not only has a major negative impact on the environment, but milk is also not the nutritional powerhouse that many of us once thought it was. It turns out, we can get the same nutrients from fortified plant-based milk and whole, plant-based foods.

In fact, the dairy-free milk market has surged within the past few years. Almond milk sales, in particular, have increased by 250 percent from 2000-2015 to almost $895 million. New nut-free and soy-free alternatives, made from hemp, rice, and vegetables, have also been cropping up. The latest release, a milk formulated from pea protein, shows great potential since it appeals to consumers looking to avoid soy as well as nuts. Plus, pea-protein milk has a much smaller environmental impact than almond and boasts more calcium and nutrients overall.

In light of the environmental impact of a glass of milk, some California dairy farmers have converted their land to almond groves. Not to mention, a 92-year-old dairy plant that was forced to close due to a decline in sales recently reopened as a plant-based milk company. We think it’s high time for the dairy industry to face reality: cow’s milk may be going out of style, but there’s a future in plant-based milk. Murray Goulburn, we’d love to have you on the plant-based team!

For more about plant-based food trends, check out One Green Planet’s Future of Food.

Lead image source: ulleo/Pixabay

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0 comments on “Australia’s Biggest Dairy Supplier Shut Down 3 Plants Because No One Wants Cow’s Milk Anymore!”

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28 Days ago

this article is nonsense, if you had been following the developments of murray goulburn over the past couple of years, you would know that the company paid above the odds for milk, as part of an ill fated expansion to China.It subsequently told farmers they had to pay them back for the "extra payment" farmers were receiving. Instead, farmers largely boycotted the company and went to rival suppliers. If you look at Fonterra Australia, their intake has increased 300-400 million litres p.a.... Yes plant milks have increased in popularity, but for the author of this article to blindly state the closure of plants and downturn on MG as due to consumers turning away from milk is completely incorrect

1 Months Ago

I think we all need to take a step back & understand that the closing down of a farm means loss of income to families who have no other source of income. Not all diary farms are factory based & not all farmers are cruel.
@ don hughes I see you advising everyone how much water & resources it takes to make milk - how about doing some research on the mining industry and the environmental impact they have - and I have yet to see people going jewelry free. So while you are giving up on milk & meat, I suggest you also clean out your houses on all gold, silver, diamonds & platinum.....Just a suggestion to widen your blinkers a bit and focus on the human aspect of farms closing down - a lot of mining companies are restricted by farming land, take away the farmer & you are just giving them more land to strip down. Say goodbye to green & hello to gold

Silver wing
25 Aug 2017

Perhaps you need to take a step back yourself and acknowledge that humans are not the center of the world.

28 Aug 2017

@Silver wing - maybe you should change your name to something other than "man made" then? Last time I checked plants don\'t write books.
@ Georgie you are correct in the mine impact - here in Ghana our fertile soil is now destroyed for gold, impact our Cocoa crops. Families who have been farmers for many generations are now having to send fathers and son\'s to work in the mines. It is sad to see what was fields of crops now wastelands and families destroyed. Gold is as bad a word in our family as any other

1 Months Ago

Well this was good news! Here in Scandinavia, plant based milk made of oats is really popular. Oat milk is locally produced, soy-free and really tasty, some brands are great for coffee too.

1 Months Ago

I am surprised by this actually as Australians are big meat eaters and so I would not expect them to drink less mil. I\'m not complaint though.

25 Aug 2017

I think the article is a tinsy-winsy bit misleading. It\'s good that dairy milk sales are declining but it\'s not true to say that no-one wants cow\'s milk anymore. It still sells well. I hope the trend continues until the article headline is actually true.

1 Months Ago

That , Denise Holmes, is because you are thinking only of yourself. No one is saying milk does not taste good but the fact is that aside from being environmentally irresponsible cos\'s milk is not meant for humans but for their calves just as great milk is meant for human babies. The calves are taken away from their mothers so that you can have your milk and I can tell you that it is very sad and stressful for them. Would you think it OK to take human babies from their mothers so that someone else could have href breastmilk? Your love for mil is nothing to boast about as it is selfish and milk is not even that good for people. You go along though and drink your milk and no to bother abut our planet or those calves who are separated form their mothers at a very young age.

Denise Holmes
1 Months Ago

Australian people just don\'t know how good milk is.To the people ,who think milk is not a good thing. You all need your heads examined ,for real. I have been drinking cow\'s milk since I could walk. Will never stop drinking cow milk. An American woman,who loves milk, ME.

don hughes
24 Aug 2017

Ms Holmes, that\'s your choice, but not a humane one. The Diary Industry is one of the most cruel industries in factory farming. It has significant pejorative environmental impact too. Then there is the health issues related to such consumption. Milk produced by a cow is by nature designed for the calf not humans. I enjoyed drinking cow\'s milk myself for years until I learned of the egregious abuses in the Diary and other animal farming industry. When money is the main objective, we humans need to question our motives and strive to evolve from such damaging base behavior. The way we humans treat animals translates into how we treat each other. Thanks.

don hughes
24 Aug 2017

It takes 27 gallons of water to produce one glass of almond milk, 30 gallons of water to produce one glass of cow\'s milk. I drink rice milk, it does not require irrigation and is cheap to raise, and mimics cow\'s milk very well.

Skylar Tipton
24 Aug 2017

Well you are an exception. The majority of people I know in the US cannot stomach milk! Cow\'s milk or any dairy product, it makes them sick! As Don mentioned, it was designed for baby calves! If you had a newborn baby and your neighbor also had a newborn baby, why wouid you want to steal the milk from your neighbor that was designed for her own baby? You may be fariing well now, but there are way too many people sick from drinking it! Perhaps you have a remarkable immune system. But take heed it will not always stay that way! It will catch up with you someday, just as any faulty eating patterns do over time

25 Aug 2017

Americans don\'t know how bad milk is for them. You don\'t just drink another animal\'s baby food and pretend it\'s good for you unless you believe in what dairy farmers tell you. They\'re not in it to make friends, they\'re in it for the money as are all producers so you have to look at science, not adverts, to find the truth.

mattie goodwin
1 Months Ago

this is really good news! help save the cows! mattie goodwin


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