Are Pet-owners More Environmentally Conscious?

A recent study has revealed that two thirds of pet-owners try to take care of the environment as much for their pet as their family. Research conducted by Purina as part of their ‘Together We Can’ campaign suggests that preserving the great outdoors is high priority for cat and dog owners.

From a poll of 1,030 owners, 72 per cent said they consider their pet as part of their family and 39 per cent admitted that they love their pet as much as a child, as reported by the Environmental News Network. Antal Van Hout, Region Marketing Director at Purina, said “We know the special bonds between pet owners and their pets mean that many will go out of their way to make their pets’ lives happy and healthy.”


The study also told that 88 per cent of British pet-owning households recycle “always” or “often.” These are encouraging numbers but do they really suggest that pet owners are more concerned for our environment? The survey was conducted solely on cat and dog owners and so we have no figures to compare with. And as pointed out at Care2, cultural variations should be considered as it’s often a luxury to keep pets.

Purina has launched the campaign aimed at encouraging dog and cat owners to recycle their steel pet food cans. It seems that owners are avoiding recycling their pet-food cans, with only 74 per cent of owners recycling them compared to 89 per cent recycling food and drink cans. According to the Together We Can website, recycling one 5oz can will save enough energy to power a 30-inch TV for two hours.

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Michael Pettitt -- Contributor, One Green PlanetMichael Pettitt is a blogger and vegan food-lover. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a degree in English in 2012. He lives in England and is currently working on various writing projects.

Image Source: Tim Douglas/Flickr