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According to animal activists, The Nicolas Bravo Zoo in Tulancingo, Mexico was one of the worst facilities in the entire country. That shameful title and the lack of proper care for the animals should have been enough for the zoo to lose its right to operate, but there was more – in March 2018, a zookeeper died after being mauled to death by a zoo lion after he forgot to lock the gate to the enclosure. Mexican officials finally decided to investigate the reality of what was happening at the park.

The animals were found in completely unacceptable and inadequate conditions, Mirror reports. Animal experts determined that the zoo failed to meet the expected standards and was completely unfit to home certain species … that were nevertheless kept there. The zoo owners were unable to provide documentation showing how they had acquired the animals and the space as well as the upkeep at the park were insufficient.


Thankfully, 132 animals were taken from the zoo by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, and the facility was shut down. The rescued animals, including primates, bears, big cats, and reptiles, were shipped to a veterinary facility for treatment. Unfortunately, it turned out that, although they were rescued from terrible conditions, the animals were not saved in the real sense of the word – since most of them are now about to be sent to a new zoo, to continue their lives in captivity.

The decision to step in and close the deplorable and dangerous zoo was an admirable step and fantastic news, but the Mexican authorities can do even more by sending the animals to sanctuaries, not a new zoo.

Click here to sign the petition asking Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) to release the rescued animals to sanctuaries where their well-being will be the priority – instead of profit like in the case of another zoo. Buzz Petition

Image source: PROFEPA/Facebook