Animal Rights Finally on the Agenda at the UN, Thanks to Worldwide Survey

Good news, Green Monsters! “Animals” is currently the second most mentioned optional topic in the UN’s global MY World survey, with over 12, 463 votes.


The survey, which was launched in December 2012 and runs until 2015, asks people to choose six out of 16 options that are most important to them and their families. These categories include “political freedoms,” “access to clean water and sanitation,” and “equality between men and women.” In addition, voters can also write in an optional seventeenth priority  – and it is here that the issue of animal rights has become the second most commonly mentioned option, just behind “health” with 77,689 votes.

The survey aims to provide world governments with an accurate portrait of what people in different countries around the world consider to be key developmental issues. Results will be used to define the agenda for the UN’s upcoming Post-2015 Development Agenda, so it is vital that all you Green Monsters out there speak out on behalf of the animals and get your voices heard!

You can take part in the survey via this link. A visual breakdown of the votes can be seen here. You can also participate in the debate via the UN’s World We Want online portal, which allows voters to join in the creation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda by putting forward their own ideas.

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