Andi Davis was taking her usual hike near 14th Street and Dunlap in Arizona when she discovered an injured pit bull on top of the mountain.

For a long time, Davis had been afraid of pit bulls, but she threw her fears aside to help the barely alive two-year-old dog. Bringing her water bottle to him, he lifted his head to lap up some refreshment, but was unable to rise to his feet or move anymore.


Davis couldn’t stand the thought of him suffering, and so she loaded the 47-pound pit bull into her arms and carried him down the steep half mile mountain side for an hour until she reached her husband and 10-year-old daughter.

The family immediately took the dog, now named Elijah, to the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Second Chance Animal Hospital.

AHS veterinarians discovered that Elijah had an open wound “on the left side of his chest and x-rays revealed bullet fragments in his shoulder and a bullet in the middle of his neck.”

Instead of removing the fragments that were close to the spinal cord and possibly injuring Elijah more, AHS veterinarians decided it would be best to observe his progress carefully and make sure he received antibiotics and pain medicine.


Now Elijah is back with the Davis family and enjoying his forever home with them. The family felt that they knew “he was meant to be theirs,” according to the AHS, and when Jessi, the 10-year-old daughter saw him she said it was like “they had been best friends their whole lives.”

Elijah resilience and his story have prompted the Davis family to give up the misconceptions they once harbored about pit bulls. In Elijah, they’ve seen just how wonderful pit bulls can truly be.

Read Jessi’s heartfelt letter to the Arizona Humane Society below about her new dog, Elijah.




Image source: Arizona Humane Society