When I heard the news that the Amal and George Clooney did something great for a dog … I admit, I got a little jealous. Surely, this lucky pup got a lifetime supply of sweet potato treats and their very own hooman who exists just for the sake of feeding them treats (but I guess this is kind of what my humans do anyway…). 

Then I found out they did something that a regular, everyday person like yourself could do … they adopted a rescue pup!




Being a rescue dog myself, I can say that the best day of my life was the day when my hoomans came and scooped me out of a shelter – and I’ve traveled cross country in the backseat of a car that is basically a glorious puppy spa on wheels! I have photos like the one below to prove it!

Goji puppy spa on wheels

So people, you don’t have to be in movies or be as smart and badass as Amal to be a celebrity in the eyes of the dog you rescue. Just being you and loving them is good enough!