Humans have it all during the holiday season — we get to go caroling, ice skating, sledding, skiing, and participate in a whole slew of other activities. But what about our furry companions?

Sure, we might buy them some treats and even some toys, but shouldn’t we give them a little something extra? They offer us unconditional love and affection at nearly every turn so perhaps it’s time for us to step up our game to put an extra smile on their faces, or at least, see their tails wag a bit harder.


The guardians in the video below seem to be catching on to this idea, offering their adorable pugs a chance to join in on the Christmas fun in new and creative ways. Festive décor and costumes? Check. Christmas piñata full of treats? Check. Photos with Santa? Check. These pugs definitely received the full treatment.

Hit “play” to find out how much fun these pugs had getting into the Christmas spirit – and maybe it’ll give you some ideas to try out with your companions, too!

Image source: Adam Cox / YouTube