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Pigs are, by nature, extremely sensitive, curious and intelligent creatures, and this beautiful image makes it very clear to us exactly how they should be allowed to live. These animals are known to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as rolling around in a big pile of leavessunbathingfooling around with toys, or enjoying time with family members. Sadly, pigs who are raised in factory farms never get to experience this sort of happiness.

In the U.S., around 95 percent of all pigs raised for food come from factory farms. In these facilities, pigs are seen as commodities that are only valued by how much profit they can turn. They are typically kept in squalid conditions, confined to metal stalls so small that they can’t even turn around for their entire lives. Because pigs are highly intelligent and social, this life causes them extreme stress and frustration. Many turn to biting on the bars of their cages until their teeth break or other forms of self-harm just to cope with their distress.

While this sad reality might be hard to face, the good news is that there are many kind individuals and organizations that are working to provide an alternative to this life for pigs and other farm animals. Seeing pigs as someones and not somethings, farm sanctuaries provide a forever home for animals who were rescued from life on factory farms.

These little ones are the perfect example of what happens when we see pigs as beings – rather than “things.”

Adorable Picture of Piglets Snuggling Proves That All Animals Deserve This Kind of Life


Doesn’t the sight of these three piglets enjoying a snuggle make you want to squeal with happiness?

These piglets call Woodstock Farm Sanctuary home. This amazing sanctuary was founded in 2004 by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, and housed just six chickens at that time. Since then, the sanctuary has grown into an amazing place of refuge for a large number of cowschickenspigsgoats, and other farmed animals who would otherwise have nowhere else to go – living as they do in a society that undervalues these animals’ worth and regards them as little more than commodities.

We are so grateful that the pigs in this picture have been able to experience true peace and freedom. Hopefully, one day, this kind of life will be the norm for all animals … and peace on Earth will truly become a reality.

Image Source: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

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32 comments on “Adorable Picture of Piglets Snuggling Proves That All Animals Deserve This Kind of Life”

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Ted C
1 Years Ago

Wow, talk about reading a lot into on photo. Yes, animals should be treated humanely but that doesn\'t mean removing them from the food chain. Imagine animals in the wild living under the constant threat of being eaten.

Sara Salmon
2 Years Ago


Stela Maricic
2 Years Ago

Virginia Tout
2 Years Ago

I love pigs. When I was a young child of four, I had a baby pig as a pet. He was so adorable, rolled around on the floor with me, snuggling and rooting around in my hair. We had so many happy times together. Then, one day as he was growing older, I got the "we took him out to live on a farm where he can be around other pigs" talk. I remember being sad but not suspicious. BTW, I don't eat meat.

Lou Ocampo
2 Years Ago


Dora Ferraro
2 Years Ago

Aaawwwwwwww, my piggies!!!!

Vickie Kuntz
2 Years Ago

<3 <3

Ana Walker
2 Years Ago

Not suppose to eat them. They keep the earth clean of all rotten things we don't normally like .. It's Gods garbage eater on earth.

Kay Lewis
2 Years Ago


Jessika Love
2 Years Ago

Smowe! :)


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