When Cleo, a little calico kitten, came to her home as a little colorful ball of fluff, no one expected what an impression she would make on the family dogs. But soon Oden the Golden Retriever and Aksel the Labrador completely lost their heads over the kitten. The trio became inseparable – and their sweet friendship was shared by their guardian, Imgur user twodogsandakitty.

Cleo quickly settled in to her new home. She was not shy and did not take long to show the canines who was the boss.

Oden became a real fan of the kitten. “Day two of them meeting. Think we’re onto something good,” their guardian wrote.

He even brought her his favorite toy to play with – a sock. “He loves his little sister.”

After a while, it became difficult to break up the little herd. Even though they all had their own beds, they insisted on trying to all fit together!

Aksel and Cleo became experts at cuddling …

To be fair, so did Oden. As the trio’s guardian said: “Don’t need a bed when you’ve got a brother.”

Cleo has grown up, became even sassier, and, it is safe to say, even happier to have two dog bodyguards and best friends always at her side.


Every time we introduce a new pet to the family, we hope for the best. The friendship between Cleo, Oden, and Aksel is the absolute perfect scenario. And, once again, they prove that cats and dogs can seriously be best friends … forever!

All image source: twodogsandakitty/Imgur