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Fair warning … this story is going to pull at your heartstrings! Ares and Aphrodite came to the Wisconsin Humane Society as strays just before New Year’s Eve. A few weeks into January, Alana Hadley went to the shelter, fell in love with Ares and decided to take him nome. Alana was interested in adopted Aphrodite too, but she had an adoption pending, the Wisconsin Humane Society noted on Facebook. While it was great that both kittens had secured forever homes, Ares wasn’t having any of that.

The first night in his new home, Ares cried out for his sister. The family gave Ares stuffed animals for comfort, but whenever he was awake, he would cry insistently for Aphrodite. 

Thankfully for Ares, Aphrodite’s adoption fell through and Alana wasted no time in bringing Ares to the shelter to reunite with his sister. The duo ran around the room chasing each other and clearly having a blast. So Alana decided to adopt Aphrodite too! 

Now, Ares and Aphrodite will never again be separated! “They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they sleep!” Alana shared with the shelter.


Congratulations to Ares and Aphrodite on their happily ever after!

If you’ve ever thought about adding a feline to your family and are in the position to adopt another cat, there are many benefits to doing so. While cats are known for being solitary creatures, they do, in fact, enjoy companionship. Regardless of what most people think, cats are social animals who thrive in bonded pairs. There are so many cats living in shelters who are in need of a forever home. You have the opportunity to save a life and give a lonely animal a lot of happiness!

If you are not in a position to adopt but are looking for other ways to help, then consider fostering a cat. This helps the cat being fostered, the shelter with space, and allows them to save another animal in need. Another way to assist in curving the numbers of homeless cats is by volunteering with local trap-neuter-release programs. This will make sure kittens are not born into homelessness and do not suffer unnecessarily.

Image Source: Wisconsin Humane Society/Facebook

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0 comments on “Adopted Kitten Cried All Night After Being Separated From His Sister, So His Guardian Did This…”

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Elsje Parsons Massyn
8 Months Ago

Cats Solitary ??? What a crock - you havent met any of our cats they are like dogs. Always around us, always on our laps always seeking attention. I love dogs, but have found that cats are far superior in intelligence and companionship.

I would choose cats any time before dogs - although I hope I dont have to make that choice.

So happy these two cat friends were reconciled.

Manel Dias
8 Months Ago

Yes, even the little Animals have the "separation anxiety" and they understand the love and happiness...as same as we do... I am glad that the duo are now happy together and never to be separated again...

8 Months Ago

I went to a rescue shelter to get a Black kitten that I seen on the website. There was siblings there. so I decided to get her sister as well because all of her other siblings were already adopted and Waiting to be picked up. I didn’t want her to be alone. Now they run around and chase each other and play together. I’m so glad that I got both of them. There are so much fun to watch as they play.

Kelly Jean
8 Months Ago

Kittens, especially young ones, should always be adopted in pairs if they\'re not independent. A good adoption agency can tell if a kitten is bonded with another. Plus, it\'s double the fun (or trouble).

Shelly D
8 Months Ago

So wonderful that the siblings were able to be adopted together! 2 years ago we adopted 2 litter mates and while they can be like typical human siblings and "fight" over who gets to sit at the top of the cat tree, they will snuggle together and play together.

8 Months Ago

My Bio - Alert Service Cat Pumpkin ( barn kitten was separated from her clan ) at a young age and She is nearly 2 in March and She is So heart broken and yearns for the companionship of a friend or a missing sibling; which the latter I can\'t obtain. Though I\'ve in vain attempted over a year tried to obtain a furry friend to No avail. She still Helps Me but she has had some very bad down days and had to go on medication which could put her life at risk! I believe finding her a furry friend could turn everything around before it is too late ... She plays with foxy a stuffed fox and plays kitten games those who visit as well as self play. She Loves "PAPERS"!! She is a Queen and very much knows it. So the story is interesting and great that it is out there because PEOPLE DON\'T KNOW!

Tongun Chic
8 Months Ago

Clearly this is an incestuous relationship and the male kitten should be jailed.

Carmen O
07 Feb 2018

What is you problem? Looking for attention?

8 Months Ago

I adopted 2 brother\'s from a shelter Thomas an Tucker. They just couldn\'t be kept apart an after 11 yrs they still do everything together. I guess cats are just that loyal to each other when family stays close.

Alan Kellerman
8 Months Ago

Thank you for using the word guardian instead of owner. So important.

s desr
8 Months Ago

glad you brought them together. so sweet.


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