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Good news! Canadian animal rights activist, Anita Krajnc, who compassionately gave water to pigs on a transport truck headed to a slaughterhouse, has been found not guilty of criminal mischief charges.

In June of 2015, Anita, the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a group founded in 2010 that “bears witness to animals sent to slaughter,” stood on the median of a highway waiting for the truckload of pigs during a routine transport. The animals, which were being moved from the Van Buckel Hog Farm to the appropriately named Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse, were crammed into hot metal trucks with very little thought given to their well-being. When the truck stopped next to the median, Krajnc and her friend began to give water to the thirsty animals through the slots on the side of the truck. She was later served with a summons and was formally charged with criminal mischief in October of 2015.

“I think it’s an outrageous charge and goes against my deepest philosophical beliefs in terms of what all our obligations are, and to me the, most important thing in life is to be of service to others and to someone or some animal who is suffering,” said Anita.



Anita’s case garnered international attention and thousands of animal lovers stood up defending her actions. And now, after over a year of trials and waiting, Justice David Harris said in the courtroom Thursday morning, “he was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Anita Krajnc willfully interfered with a farmer’s property in the incident.”

Anita pled not guilty to the charge, although admitted she gave water to the pigs. One of her lawyers said Anita was acting in the public good and was therefore not breaking the law, with the farmer arguing that Anita was interfering with his property and possibly giving the pigs an “unknown substance.”

Anita Krajnc outside of the courthouse on May 4th, 2017 with dozens of supporters, just after receiving the verdict of not guilty.




It seems absolutely ridiculous that such a harmless act of compassion could have ever been considered criminal mischief – especially in contrast to the entire factory farm system that is not only responsible for the suffering of millions of animals but also mass water and air pollution and enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (but that’s just how we see it…).




The pigs headed to Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse were seen as nothing but a commodity that needed to be kept alive until they were slaughtered and could turn a profit for their owners. The good news is that not only were Anita’s actions not seen as criminal in the eyes of the law, this case has also forced dozens of people to think about animals differently, bringing us one step closer to the day when animals are seen as individuals, not property. Keep up the great work, Toronto Pig Save!

Lead image source: Toronto Pig Save 

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Susan Trout
11 Months Ago

A colossal waste of tax payers money but far, far beyond that is the fact that to act compassionately on behalf of a helpless being should never be considered a crime. What are we if we cannot be merciful and sympathetic to the plight of creatures who cannot speak, who cannot defend themselves? May tis be an eye-opening moment to al who continue to consume animal flesh. In reality, there is no such thing as "humane" slaughter for in every instance, the animal must die and if they could talk, I\'m sure they would be pleading for their lives. Nothing makes us more human than love and mercy.

Marcello Disanto
11 Months Ago

Anita has a heart of gold, glad this turned out well for her but more importantly, the plight of animals in transport is international news thanks to her efforts.

11 Months Ago


Seth Tyrssen
11 Months Ago

As Ghandi said, "you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals." \'Nuff said?

Carol Ames
11 Months Ago

Captivity is degrading, but so is "domestication" (turning animals into economic abstractions and body parts) and "ownership" (valuing animals as "property" with the same legal and moral status of inanimate things). Animal "welfarism" does not change their status (but makes people feel good): Animals are still property, and the property "owners" --whether scientists in a laboratory; agribusiness CEOs on the factory farm; or the management of rodeos, circuses, and zoos--have every right to do what they wish to animal bodies. The legal rationale are two-fold: any act causing animal suffering is acceptable so long as it is part of a "tradition" of animal exploitation and/or has some "rational" purpose such as making profit or "disciplining" an animal. Thus, while the burning or beating of a cat or dog is a felony crime in many states, this is so because it has no redeemable utilitarian function for society, not because it is intrinsically wrong. Where animals are property, the property rights of individual animal "owners" trump public moral concerns, such as voiced by animal advocacy groups, and many a just battle has been lost in the courts through an exploiter\'s appeal to "ownership" rights over animals. -- From: LEGALLY BLIND: THE CASE FOR GRANTING ANIMAL RIGHTS by Dr. Steven Dr. Steve Best

Silver wing
11 Months Ago

Really pleased with the outcome. But ...
“he was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Anita Krajnc willfully interfered with a farmer’s property in the incident.”??? For God\'s sake, what a lame justice this one is!

Jeff Biss
11 Months Ago

Meat is murder. Our victims deserve not to be slaughtered to provide people with meat, which they don\'t need to sustain life or health. The meat industry is a holocaust that should be shut down.

Cindy Yates
11 Months Ago

YES!! Kindness and compassion to others should never be a crime. Animals in the ag industry are abused, neglected, and tortured to wind up on someone\'s plate. Please try a vegetarian/vegan diet. Any changes you make to reduce eating animals is a wonderful thing. Vegan saves animals, the planet, and your health.


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