You gotta love a rescue team that doesn’t just go out of their way for cats and dogs, but for any living animal in need. When Hope for Paws received a call about a family of bunnies that had been abandoned, Eldad and Loreta headed to the location to save them.

Using a net, Loreta was able to capture the mother rabbit, who they named Josephine, and then the dad, appropriately named Peter Rabbit. While rescuing the parents went relatively smoothly, the babies were a real challenge as they had scurried under a shed.


They managed to lure a few of the babies, but to get the last ones, they needed to use an electric saw to get through! With a little saw skill and a lot of demolition, the last two bunnies, Benjamin and Bouncer, were soon on their way to join the rest of the family at the Hope for Paws facility. Finally, the entire family was safe, warm, and enjoying a nice meal of organic kale and carrots.

The adorable family is now in foster care with the Bunny World Foundation. To adopt Josephine, Peter Rabbit and their sweet babies, click here.

To learn more about Hope for Paws or donate, click here.