Hope For Paws was recently contacted about two abandoned dogs who were living alone at a recycling facility for three months. The dogs were fed by several of the employees who were very concerned about their safety and even built a makeshift doghouse to give them some kind of shelter, but it was clear they needed a more permanent solution.

When the rescuers arrived, the duo was quickly enticed to come closer by the promise of a treat, but, while one of the dogs came up to get the snack and be petted eagerly, the other was far more skittish and hesitant. The nervous little pup kept hiding in the bushes, unaware that the rescuers were there to help him, not do him any harm. Finally, he was carefully captured and slowly started to regain some of his trust in people.


Both dogs were said goodbye to by their human friends from the site and set out on their journey to safety. The pups – Salami and Pastrami – were taken in by LA Animal Rescue and are now ready to find a great forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Salami and/or Pastrami, contact LA Animal Rescue here.