Two months ago, Bobby, a year and a half old Terrier mix, was brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services after being abandoned by his family. His guardians walked into the shelter, removed his leash, and walked away, never to return. Heartbroken and alone, Bobby was given a Christmas sweater by volunteers, in the hopes that it would help him attract a new forever family. Months later, Bobby’s Christmas wish still hasn’t come true – but he continues to wear his sweater, refusing to give up hope.



The animal control center now lists Bobby as “Code Red,” meaning he could be euthanized at any moment because so many people have passed him by.

While Bobby is a Terrier-mix, he resembles a Pit Bull, making it harder for him to be adopted due to the misconceptions that continue to cast these amazing dogs in a bad light. Many think that bully breeds are vicious, aggressive dogs, but in reality, they are just as capable of being sweet, loving pups as any other.

According to kennel staff, Bobby has a sweet and gentle nature. They are understandably heartbroken to see Bobby so sad as he sits with his head down.

You Can Help Bobby


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The shelter is asking the public to share Bobby’s story with approved rescue organizations, family, friends, and social media contacts, to help find him a home and save his life. For more information on Bobby, you can contact the Miami-Dade Animal Services located at 7401 NW 74 Street, Miami, Florida 33166, by phone at 305-884-1101, or email [email protected]

If you are looking to bring a furbaby into your life, remember Bobby and always be sure to adopt, not shop.

Update 1/10/16: Since the publication of this article, Bobby has been adopted! Click here for the full story.


All image source: Miami-Dade Animal Services