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Sigh. Videos of dogs being brought back to animal shelters break our hearts into a million little pieces. With six to eight million animals entering U.S. shelters every year, the thought of deserting our best friends at an animal shelter doesn’t even cross our minds. But that’s exactly what happened recently to Tito, a beautiful American Bulldog.

As you can see in the heartbreaking video above, Tito’s former person dragged the scared dog into the lobby of the Miami-Dade Animal Services. It’s evident Tito knew exactly what was happening and kept pulling back as if pleading with the woman not to dump him.

Animal advocate and shelter volunteer Christina Dickson filmed the video and tried to offer resources. Tito’s former mom said that Tito had been found as a stray and after taking the dog in and feeding him, their female dog had become hostile towards Tito. As Dickson pointed out, neither the female dog or Tito are fixed and perhaps if they were, they wouldn’t become hostile. Dickson even offered free veterinary services for Tito’s sterilization, which would decrease his testosterone yielding a more stable temperament (among other benefits),  but still, the woman declined. Instead, she left Tito at the shelter, where he will be euthanized unless someone adopts him.

Tito is currently still at Miami-Dade Animal Services and is listed on Pet Harbor‘s website, under ID # A1878910. Let’s find Tito the loving, forever home he deserves! Please share this post within your network in hopes that Tito’s new family will see the post.

As Tito’s story highlights, it is important to always spay and neuter your pets and urge your friends and family to do the same. As responsible pet guardians, it is our responsibility to make sure we are doing what’s best for our companion animals – and also considering the potential ramifications that not spaying or neutering could have for the larger pet population. If you have an animal that has not been neutered and would like to, please don’t hesitate to contact your local veterinarian who can help you locate and spay/neuter clinic in your area at a minimal cost, or search the ASPCA’s low-cost clinic database.

For more ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, click here.

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0 comments on “They Didn’t Want to Neuter Their Dog, so Now He’s on a Shelter ‘Kill’ List – Act Now to Help!”

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1 Years Ago

So this a-hole would rather see Tito killed than have him - AND HER OTHER DOG - neutered / spayed. This moron should never have access to any other animal, ever. She is not a responsible pet person. She\'s a problem-causing idiot.

THEN - if she thinks neutering is such a bad thing, her she needs to do 40 ours Community Service holding those unwanted kittens and puppies when that needle goes in. Make this woman look into their eyes as life slips away. Make sure she UNDERSTANDS what her stupidity causes.
I believe ALL owners who do not spay/neuter their cats or dogs should be made to do this. Maybe the problems they cause will finally sink into their tiny brains. Cruel, sure. But it\'s much more cruel to kill homeless cats and dogs.

09 Jun 2017

Sorry, pissed-off flying fingers ... should be HOURS, not ours. I missed the H :p

1 Years Ago

If people pull this kind of garbage, they should be blacklisted from further adoptions of any kind....they are definitely not bonded and do not care about the pet period!

1 Years Ago

I am in PA........I will adopt him if someone could please get me info on how to get him up here.....flying probably best.....I\'ll pay for it! just don\'t put this dog down!!!!

08 Jun 2017

There\'s a company called PetAirways.com who will transport pets in any part of the USA. They\'re located in Delray Beach, Florida and the pets never ever go into the cargo hold. They always fly in the cabin. They also specialize in long-distance pet rescue. If you are serious, please look them up and adopt this precious dog before it\'s too late. Thanks!

08 Jun 2017

I would contribute to him if you adopt this guy..I\'m on FB as Juanita Ross...let me know..

Patricia Laurin
1 Years Ago

Why should the dog die just because his "guardian" didn\'t want to have him fixed. Instead of contributing to the continuous murdering of innocent animals, why not help this poor baby by getting him fixed and send him to a rescue to hopefully be adopted.

Tony Lilich
1 Years Ago

Please tell me!why don\'t we are going to kill this innocent creature?Because we are made to.Any pet like this.should be given a better opportunity to find a home.just for the record.It cost more to KILL A ANIMAL!THAN LETTING THEM LIVE!THERE ARE FACTS AT NO KILL COALITION.Kindred Heart Transportation has always made a way,to get a pet.To another location.That way these beautiful creatures have a better chance.I know PILOT.DOG TAKES ALL ANIMALS.FROM THE SOUTH TO NORTH.THEY HAVE ROOM.AND,NEED MORE.

john pasqua
1 Years Ago



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