Puppy mill dogs

Back in May, 169 Jack Russell Terriers and Shiba Inus were rescued from a puppy mill in Lake City, Michigan. The dogs were found in filthy conditions, trudging around in wet and muddy kennels with no protection from the elements. Many were covered in mud and excrement, but thankfully none suffered from malnourishment or severe health conditions. These conditions are often typical for puppy mill dogs.

(Watch a video recap of this puppy mill rescue here.)


One dog in particular caught the eyes of rescuers, a team made up of ASPCA and Michigan Humane Society members. He was named Zack and according to the ASPCA, he “shook violently and crouched in terror” then bolted for a broken crate when rescuers approached.

“He looked like the most fearful dog on the property,” said ASPCA behavior expert, Kristen Collins, who was at the rescue.

Zack needed extensive behavior help and eye surgery after the rescue, both of which he received at ASPCA’s Rehab Center. Collins began working with Zack soon after he arrived, but he responded much the same to her efforts as he did when rescuers first found him—he cowered in his new kennel with ears flat and body low to the ground.

With time, patience and a lot of love, Zack eventually responded to rehabilitation efforts and has since been adopted and now resides with a loving family.


Watch Zack’s transformation from scared puppy mill victim to a happy companion in the video below.

Image source: ASPCA video screenshot