The African elephant is one of the most majestic species to walk the Earth, unfortunately their population is teetering in the balance due to the rampant ivory trade. It is estimated that the population could be extinct within the next 20 years if action is not taken to protect wild elephants. As adult elephants are poached for their ivory tusks, many baby African elephants are left behind as orphans.

Luckily, there are organizations throughout Africa that are run sanctuary programs specifically for orphaned baby elephants who need care and protection. One such organization, Wild is Life, has just taken in Moyo, a little orphaned elephant into their “Zen” project. The Zen Project stands for the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, Moyo is the first elephant to join the sanctuary.


Moyo was rescued from the Musango area, where he was found abandoned. It is believed that Moyo, “Moyo was a premature calf, and was not able to keep up with the herd, who were under pressure from poaching in the nearby OmayWildlife area.”

This little calf is now five months old and as you can see form the video, he is loving his sanctuary home where he is surrounded by other native animals. When Moyo is old enough he will be moved to a larger protected area and eventually integrated back into a wild herd.

To learn more about Wild is Life, check out their website. To make a donation to help them care for more orphaned elephants, follow this link.