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5 Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Dairy Protein


If you’re a dairy-free eater, most likely, you ate dairy at some point in your life. Unless you had an allergy, it was likely a part of your childhood, something you never gave much thought to. Or maybe now, you’re just now becoming interested in the idea of consuming less animal products and contemplating other choices besides cow’s milk products.

Whatever the case, the decision to go dairy-free is a smart one, especially when we consider the negative health effects that dairy can bring, some of which we’re just now learning and others that we’ve known for years now. Lactose intolerance is something we’re all familiar with, but the effects that dairy can impose on our health go way beyond just a little stomach upset. Dairy’s protein is so highly concentrated, that over time, it has the potential to cause some health side effects that none of us want to experience.

Here are five reasons to avoid dairy:

1. Chronic Inflammation

Dairy is highly acidic, despite it containing high amounts of calcium that acts as an alkaline agent by nature. Milk is rich in natural acids that can cause calcium deposits to build up and potentially cause arthritis and long-term inflammation. It also doesn’t necessarily keep our bones strong as we once believed. Most plant-based foods do a much better job (such as chard, kale, almonds, figs) and don’t contribute to chronic inflammation.

2. Aging

Quite honestly, animal products just age the body, plain and simple. Think about how much work they have to go through to process the particles from another living being. No wonder they’re tired! Dairy is an especially poor choice since it’s one of the hardest to digest and one of the most well-studied in its relationship to cancer and disease. Raw (and even some cooked) fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans, legumes, and healthy fats are a much better option. These foods all contain plant-based protein, along with vitamins and minerals that help in extending longevity and promote beautiful skin that ages slowly.

3. Poor Skin (and Internal Health)

As superficial as it might seem and as unimportant as it might be in the grand scheme, your skin’s health is just as important as any other aspect of your health. Why? Because it shows how healthy the inside of your body is. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and whatever the internal body can’t get rid of, the skin will try to do so itself. This is especially true when it comes to the liver and digestive system having a hard time with internal wastes that can’t be properly removed. When you consume too much (or for some people, even a little) dairy, the skin usually takes a major hit. You’ll see this through acne, redness, splotchy, or just lackluster skin. Many people notice huge improvements to their skin the first few days without dairy. This is because the inside of the body is better able to clean itself out and the skin isn’t left to do all the work itself.

4. Chronic Digestive Problems

Aside from a little lactose, dairy can also cause some gut damage due to the way it inflames the gut lining. It’s one of the worst to cause and irritate leaky gut syndrome, which can lead to autoimmune disease and other health issues over time. Then there’s the digestive disturbances along the way such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or even long-term IBS. Many people who suffer from more serious disorders such as Crohn’s disease find that once they ditch dairy, healing naturally begins. Others just find their systems work much better without dairy. After all, let’s remember that outside of the fancy cartons and marketing, that dairy is basically just a COW’s mammary liquid produced after being pregnant – do you think your stomach really wants to deal with that!?

5. Cancer Risks

What’s even worse than digestive disorders is the way dairy contributes to cancer. It’s been found to be a leading cause and contributor to prostate, breast, testicular, and colon cancer. Dairy is not a health food and one can’t be certain how much is too much and how much is okay. Why risk it, we ask? Don’t ignore your health and pretend the little signs don’t matter. They could be the one thing your body is using to tell you that you’re dealing with a more serious health issue. A plant-based diet, free from dairy, has been found one of the best to prevent cancer and other forms of disease.

If you’re looking to #DitchDairy, then see some more of our Ditch Dairy posts for further inspiration and pick yourself up a carton of non-dairy milk, yogurt, and even a container of non-dairy ice cream this week!

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Lead image source: How to Make Homemade Unsweetened Coconut Milk

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153 comments on “5 Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Dairy Protein”

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6 Days ago

I accidentally came across this, and the reason I was looking for information is because I crave milk (always likes it) but never liked it this much! I also feel this craving for cottage cheese for at least a year. It\'s CRAZY!

1 Months Ago

This is just a bunch of bullshit someone pulled out of his/her ass.

Bill Ruhl
1 Months Ago

Complete hokum! This article says that one of the leading causes of breast cancer is milk...um OK???

1 Months Ago

Damn son, thats a load of bullshit

6 Months Ago

Okay, after reading the first line from the paragraph on ageing, I understood this wasn\'t going to be a serious, science-based article - just another biased opinion piece. "Quite honestly, animal products just age the body, plain and simple. Think about how much work they have to go through to process the particles from another living being." You do realise plants and mushrooms are LIVING BEINGS TOO???? What, do you believe you\'re consuming plastic when you\'re having a salad??? You should be ashamed of spreading such ignorance around!!!!

7 Months Ago

i like almonds and kle but this is bullshit. drink whole milk it\'s good for you.

Crystal Vigil
10 Months Ago

Im wondering if any of the guys who commented, did you click on any of the links to the research that was posted...or are you just sharing your own personal story...just because you dont experience the affects of dairy right now doesnt mean you wont be affected later in life..which is where the links lead you and the research from scientist lead....there are plenty of other peer reviewed studies and science backed research to prove all of this. Dairy is now so chemically processed that your lucky if you dont experience one of these symptoms. I gave up dairy 2 years ago and have never felt better.

John Boy
10 Months Ago

Whoever wrote this article is probably so far left that they can\'t even see their side of the fence. I am 19 and I drink a glass (about 1 to 1/2 cups of milk) a day and mix it with chocolate milk powder sometimes (I just like to add sugar okay). I make sure to drink my glass of milk right after I go running or lift weights at the gym so that my body has protein to rebuild the damaged muscle tissues. I have no considerable reactions drinking milk and I have been drinking it since I was a kid. I do not see why people hate milk so much, it is not \'unnatural\' to drink milk, animals eat the by products of other animals all the time. Furthermore milk tends to cause problems when you drink way too much of it. If you only consume a small amount everyday, then it would be rare for calcium to build up in your bone, because you body is able process it for the most part (unless of course you have some sort of lactose intolerance). I think we need to reanalyze our opinions regarding milk, as long as we do not over-consume dairy products, there is no specific reason why we should ban it from our diets.

02 Aug 2017

Moderation. Exactly!!!

Joey Messler
11 Months Ago

In the last three months, I\'ve gone from drinking 24 ounces of whole milk to about 80. Since then I\'ve gained 20 lbs of lean muscle and currently have an ideal BMI of 22. I\'m only 5\'11" but since then with the help of working out I\'ve both grown an ideal physique as well as increased my vertical to 36"from 28". I feel great and look great. Also the whole natural world has animals eating one another. Why is it bad for us when we were are just more evolved versions of these animals?

1 Years Ago

"...animal products just age the body, plain and simple. Think about how much work they have to go through to process the particles from another living being. No wonder they’re tired! "
Because 4000+ years of evolving just didn’t happen...


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