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5 Reasons to Consider Cutting Down on Gluten


Are you considering cutting back on gluten, be it for health or weight reasons? First, keep in mind that a decision to majorly change your daily food intake like this should be discussed with your doctor or a health practitioner to make sure you are doing your plan healthily. Gluten-free diets are not for everyone, and they should not be embarked upon lightly without proper knowledge and the tools to take the right steps. Whole grains are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so omitting all of that comes with the need to find those nutrients elsewhere. Keeping caution in mind, here are five reasons to consider a healthy gluten-free diet:

1. You Could Be Gluten Sensitive Without Having Celiac Disease

For people with celiac disease, there is no choice when it comes to a gluten-free diet; it’s a life-and-death matter, so gluten is a no-no. Then, there are people who may be sensitive to gluten without having celiac disease, and they could benefit from attempting to cut some grains out of their diet. If you feel you may have a gluten issue, see your physician before changing your diet.

2. Gluten-Free Products are Easy to Find

These days, finding gluten-free products at the supermarket is pretty easy; most of them have a section entirely devoted to gluten-free products. Go explore the gluten-free section of your local market and relish in the aisle of gluten-free snacks, bread, and goodies. There are several gluten-free flours available, including flour made from teff, amaranth, garbanzo beans, almonds, and others. In addition, gluten-free baking mixes along with ready-made products like breads, pasta, crackers, and cereals are readily available in most markets.

3. You Will Eat Less Processed Junk Food

By giving up gluten, you’re inadvertently giving up much processed junk food. Packaged food products like cookies, crackers, and other crunchy snacks often contain wheat, so going gluten-free means you’ll skip a few isles at the grocery store completely. This could have a great effect on your waistline when you value veggies, fruit, beans, nuts, and rice over gluten-packed products.

4. You Can Make Your Own Gluten-Free Bread

If you are considering giving up gluten for a health interest but are worried about missing the taste of bread, do not fear! For those without gluten sensitivity but who want to minimize their gluten intake, try sprouted wheat bread. Sprouting grains before baking them lowers the gluten level a bit but not significantly. For a full gluten-free bread option, try Ooh La La Gluten-Free French Bread and Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread.

5. You Will Focus on Eating Real, Whole Food

Perhaps the best reason to give up gluten is that it will force you to re-think what meals mean. Do you love a heaping bowl of pasta for dinner? Make zucchini pasta instead, which is much healthier and lighter than wheat pasta. Are your go-to meals sandwiches, pizza, and pasta? Going gluten-free means finding other sources of sustaining energy, which will have you eating more fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds instead.

Do you have tips for embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle or can share more reasons why people should consider going gluten-free? Tell us in the comments below!

Image source: Gluten-Free Carbonara Spaghetti With Zucchini Noodles

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21 comments on “5 Reasons to Consider Cutting Down on Gluten”

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Chris Miller
4 Years Ago

There is no reason to discuss it with your doctor. They have no idea about nutrition.

4 Years Ago

This article is a joke, right? Less processed foods? Gluten free products are notoriously over processed. They often substitute wheat for corn by products and other junk with much higher glycemic indexes and lower protein counts. Every gluten free aisle in the supermarket now is loaded with cookies, chips and other junk foods. There\'s no reason to believe you\'ll be eating any more healthy on a gluten free diet.

Instead of focusing on a single, specific source like gluten, why not just focus on eating a well-balanced, healthy diet? This is such an erroneous fad, we will be laughing at the gluten-free crowd in years to come.

Alan Lunceford
4 Years Ago

I had raging acid reflux for years and took prilosec every single day. I eliminated wheat and all gluten from my diet and suddenly I don't have acid reflux anymore. More importantly, I've stopped taking a pharmeceutical!

Lavish Garg
4 Years Ago

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Ioana Hagiu
4 Years Ago

Laura it's possible to have a wheat allergy..like one may have to strawberries or peanuts..without it being related to gluten. I know people who can have spelt, kamut, barley (all of which contain gluten) but just can't eat wheat specifically. It's due to the over processing of the wheat plant over the many decades of growing specialized wheat that's best for farmers, but the grain itself has become depleted of many good properties and can be an allergen, while ancient wheat strains like spelt or kamut are tolerated. It's like inbreeding in animals for pure breeds can cause trouble, same for plants.

Laura Newton
4 Years Ago

I don't worry if foods are gluten free, but I do have skin reactions when I eat wheat products like bread, tortillas and pasta...even if its organic and whole wheat

Don Blank
4 Years Ago

Marketing scam for all but celiacs

Ioana Hagiu
4 Years Ago

Like someone else above said, the scientist concluded likely the sensitivities were caused by processed foods and low nutrient foods, bleached flours, general crappy foods..not the gluten itself. So of course if you stop eating that and eating whole grain unprocessed gf foods you feel better..it's not the gf part..it's the whole grain part that's helping. Common sense really.

Ioana Hagiu
4 Years Ago

No..you cannot be gluten sensitive if you are not celiac! The very same scientist who first did the study that claimed non-celiac people could have gluten sensitivities decided he did not believe in the results of his own study and re-did the study this time much larger, much more controlled and more accurate and he found definitively that there is no such thing as gluten sensitivity in non-celiac patients. And he concluded that these supposed sensitivities were coming from other sources. Not gluten. Because the group reporting the highest sensitivity was..ta da..the control group (which got no gluten)..it was in their head because they thought they were eating gluten. He published this study earlier this year..yet still these types of articles like yours persist..I'd assume the multi-million dollar gf industry doesn't want the news to spread cuz they're making a killing. But anyone else should stop promoting gf eating to non-celiac because in so going one can create an actual allergy and intolerance simply by omitting it unnecessarily. Even dr oz had a big article and rant and research about that issue. Look it up, if the very same doctor who created the gf craze didn't believe in it, re-studied with a better study and proved his first research wrong, then that's what people need to hear.

Meg Merringer
05 Jun 2014

Your intelligence is refreshing.

Elaine DeBiaso
4 Years Ago

It doesn't explain what the symptoms of a "gluten issue" are. But we should only eat non-processed foods. There's a lot of mumbo-jumbo in ingredients listings lately.


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