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How to Make a Healthier Cup of Coffee


Coffee is a drink that I refuse to start my day without, like many of you I’m sure, and thankfully, coffee is actually already healthy for us without adding anything to it. Coffee is a fantastic source of B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, fiber, zinc, copper, and chromium. It’s been proven to boost mental focus, ward off diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, reduce depression, provide energy, and help you feel alert and positive. While too much is never a good thing, a little coffee each day goes a long way. Plus, coffee is just plain delicious, and you should be able to enjoy it – so long as you know how to do so healthfully.

The trouble with coffee comes when you add creamers with hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners or flavorings that contain harmful additives. If you’re not sure how to make your coffee healthier or if you are looking for healthier ingredients to add flavor to your coffee, I’ve got some fantastic options for you to choose from- not to worry!

1. Choose Unsweetened Nondairy Milk

Nondairy milk is the best thing you can add to your coffee in place of cow’s milk. It contains no palm oil  and no cane syrup like some vegan creamers do. Cane syrup or cane juice are merely less refined forms of straight sugar. Avoiding them can improve your blood sugar and also help curb nasty sugar addictions at the same time. Nondairy milk contains twice the calcium of regular milk, is naturally free of oil and provides you with Vitamin B12. Just be sure to choose an unsweetened variety to avoid added sugars from cane juice and cane syrup found in regular nondairy milk. I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk and unsweetened soy milk the best. Those are the most creamy and in my opinion, the less overwhelming in flavor when added to coffee.

2. Add Some Stevia

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the stevia plant. It’s contains no artificial ingredients and when bought from a trusted source, will not be bitter and will also be free of GMO’s, allergens, and nasty additives. It’s best to buy organic stevia when you can so you’re rest assured it’s the real deal. Adding stevia to your beverages is an easy way to sweeten them without any sugar. I use two packets or 2 full drops of liquid stevia per cup of coffee.

3. Add Alcohol-Free Flavoring

If you’re a fan of flavored coffee, you’ll be glad to know you can make your own at home. All you need to do is add a dash of flavoring to your coffee grounds before brewing. I like vanilla, but you can choose from a variety at the store. I do suggest buying organic alcohol-free flavorings, which I think taste better and I appreciate that they’re free of chemicals and alcohol in general.

4. Brew Organic

Organic beans assure you there are no pesticides in your morning cup of coffee and that the beans were made in a more sustainable manner. It’s even better if you choose a brand that’s fair-trade, which also assures that the producers of the coffee were treated fairly and paid fair wages.

5. Add a Bit of Cinnamon

Since coffee is a rich source of chromium, it naturally supports healthy blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is also a rich source of chromium, so adding a dash of cinnamon to your coffee is a great way to increase this benefit. Chromium not only helps support healthy blood sugar levels but can also ward off sugary cravings.

Be sure you enjoy the benefits of coffee and even have a little healthy coffee cake alongside your morning cup. How do you drink your coffee?

Image source: Russell James Smith/Flickr 

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3 Years Ago

I add some ground cardamom, it is delicious!!!

3 Years Ago

I take mine with raw, unfiltered honey and a drizzle of either essence of rose petals or essence of neroli orange.

3 Years Ago

Actually, and unfortunately, most non-dairy milks DO contain palm oil in the form of "Vitamin A Palmitate." I have found a few soymilks that contain soybeans and water only (Westsoy is one brand), but no others. If someone knows of others, please tweet me: @rattlesnake_mel

I have also read that cold-brewing cuts down on the acidity (it certainly tastes less acidic) and the caffeine. It tastes great that way, especially during the sumer!

3 Years Ago

Coffee is not a health drink.
The nutritional components of the fresh bean are no longer nutritious once the bean has been burnt.
The modern day addiction has no long term positive health benefits. There are better ways to provide your body with health. Caffeine products are not one of them.
Fine from time to time maybe on a dig drive, but not daily or weekly. Don\'t be fooled. It\'s highly acid forming - had a half life of about 3 hours and the other half life is about 4 days.
I repeat - don\'t be fooled ! People do not need encouragement to drink more, they need encouragement to drink less !


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