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5 Health Claims About Cow’s Milk That You Need to Quit Believing


Let’s get to the low down and dirty on dairy in a few words: it’s a bad choice! But don’t let us be the one to tell you that. How about Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Neal Barnard, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Joel Kahn, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman?

Forbes magazine even detailed a study conducted in Britain at the end of last month that proves dairy milk is a bad choice. The milk drinkers in the study were not only more likely to die of cancer and heart disease, but also at a higher risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Then there’s the issue of vitality and wellness. Dr. Joel Kahn, a vegan cardiologist, explains that a life without dairy (and meat, fish, and eggs) is full of vitality, choices, and heart healthy nutrition.

Milk Myths From Mass Media Marketing 

But the mass amount of marketing from the media would like you to believe otherwise. The “Got Milk?” campaign slogan is still booming with popularity as The National Dairy Council uses celebrities to promote the use of milk in our culture. Children are told they need at least three servings a day to grow up big and strong, and trendy fitness foods like Muscle Milk and Power Bars are promoted to athletes looking to pump up their muscles with some protein. But let’s get real here: we don’t need milk to be strong, healthy, or fit. 

Health Claims You Can Quit Believing About Cow’s Milk

1. It’s Natural

Since more people are aware of dairy milk’s dangers these days, milk marketers are attacking non-dairy milk choices as unnatural or inferior sources. But let’s think about this for a minute: how is processing some almonds into milk any less natural than mechanically milking a pregnant cow that’s been impregnated multiple times a day (via artificial insemination, aka raped) who has udders that are likely infected and filled with bacteria? Keep in mind that that same cow’s children she gives birth to are stripped away from her at the moment of birth. That milk has to be extensively cleaned and heated (pasteurized), which destroys some the nutrients actually found in milk, so some nutrients are added back into the milk after processing. Hmm..doesn’t sound too natural to us!

2. It’s a Good Source of Biological Protein

Everyone knows plants contain protein by now, so the new health claim regarding milk and protein is that it’s higher in its BV (biological value.) What a stretch! Don’t believe the myth that you need mammary liquid from another animal to get enough protein. If you don’t need milk from your mother after a certain age, why would use need breast milk from an animal? Plenty of plants are packed with protein and offer plenty of beneficial protein with none of the harmful side effects of dairy. You don’t even have to combine foods (like rice and beans) as we once thought to get enough. Try some of our favorite sources.

3. It Prevents Osteoporosis

Cow’s milk has been found to promote osteoporosis, not prevent it. Because dairy is so acidic and inflammatory, it’s been found to cause excessive bone loss, debunking the myth that calcium from dairy is the best option. What builds your bones? Greens, nuts, seeds, seaweed, beans, and legumes- all of our favorite foods!

4. It Keeps You Strong

Athletes often believe they need whey protein, milk, yogurt, or dairy-based fitness foods to keep them strong and build lean muscle. Again, wrong! Thanks to plants that encourage muscle strength, decrease inflammation, and promote greater satiety than dairy-based products, not one bit of dairy is needed to keep you strong. Learn How to Get Stronger on a Plant-Based Diet and how this vegan bodybuilder gets fit and buff without one bit of dairy in his diet.

5. It Keeps You Thin

The newest trendy health claim about dairy is that it promotes weight loss and a smaller waistline. You don’t need dairy to maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight. In fact, weight loss is one of the first benefits most people notice when they approach a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. While small amounts of dairy may not lead to weight gain, it isn’t a ‘must-have’ for weight loss, to say the least. And while a junk-food plant-based diet isn’t the answer to a healthy weight either, no one can argue that a balanced, whole foods, plant-based diet will help you reach a healthy weight naturally.

How To Go Dairy-Free:

Though dairy is one of the hardest foods for people to give up, it’s completely doable. Pick up some non-dairy milk, coconut or almond yogurt in place of dairy yogurt, try a vegan cheese or make your own, and go for coconut butter or non-dairy butter in place of regular butter.

Here are some helpful resources to ease you into the transition away from dairy easily and deliciously:

So while the popular endorsed saying might not be “Got Kale?”, we can change that when we continue to ignore the media hype surrounding the ridiculous health claims given to cow’s milk. Check out our entire dairy-free living section to read up on our best tips and get some food tips for working dairy-free calcium into your diet and join us in a dairy-free, delicious lifestyle!

Image Source: bluewaikiki.com/Flickr

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74 comments on “5 Health Claims About Cow’s Milk That You Need to Quit Believing”

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sherry Macdonald
3 Years Ago

Great article! I tell my clients this all the time. I will share this with them thank for writing it.

Gagan Bhatti
3 Years Ago

Khush Bhatti

Larah Lee
3 Years Ago

Gil Pe Aguirre

Josh Cook
3 Years Ago


Jack Despite
3 Years Ago

Zach Ell

Janet Jones
3 Years Ago

Cows are bred for the milk true but, the babies need to get the colostrum from mom to survive. They are left with the babies for a bit. Milk is full of vitamins and other good things for us. I'd prefer to drink pure cows milk. I also suppose that eggs are cruel to eat as well?

30 Nov 2014

I can\'t tell if you\'re trolling or not...of course it\'s cruel to eat eggs, if not because the practice itself is sick (producing babies for the sole purpose of eating them), then because of the way the majority of chickens are abused for their eggs.

01 Dec 2014

Yes they are. I gather that you are not aware of the horrendous practices in the egg,dairy and meat industry, two minutes of research and you\'ll have all the answers you need.

02 Dec 2014

Not to you Janet, but to the two who commented below:

The eggs that you eat (or don\'t eat) are NOT FERTILIZED. There is no chick zygote in them.

I agree some practices in the food industry is horrendous, but not all. That\'s why you need to be vigilant to source your produce at ethically-sourced locations (like free-range eggs/chicken, stuff like that).

C Dennis Sanders
3 Years Ago

Milk is so disgusting.

Jennifer Jessup
3 Years Ago

Jon Jessup

Gregory Lawrence Faith
3 Years Ago

I no longer consume dairy. Now following the Paleo Diet.

Calie Mcmahan
28 Nov 2014

You\'re serious? Have you seen the "before" and "after" of the guy who coined it? He went from looking normal and healthy, to looking like a shriveled jabba the hutt.

Desiree Jasmine
3 Years Ago

Blah, milk is soooooo nasty. I'm a little up set that I was lied to when I was a kid about the health benefits of milk. I am so grossed out by the mass consumption of utter puss. Yuck!!!


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