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Got Joint Pain? Why Dairy is a Bad Idea


Arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches. They’ve plagued us all at some point or another. But can joint pain be preventable through a mere change in diet? Possibly. Studies have shown those who eat a higher plant-based (vegan) diet not only experience a greater sense of wellness, but also a dramatic reduction in disease, osteoporosis, joint pain, arthritis, and general muscle aches. The removal of red meat from a person’s diet is a great idea to initiate the reduction of joint pain and other types of pains since red meat is highly acidic, inflammatory, and has been linked to cancer. But is removing red meat (and even fish, turkey, chicken, and pork) enough? Apparently not. 

Why Dairy Is a Nightmare for Your Joints

Dairy has been shown to be one of the most prominent foods to cause joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, and yes, cancer too. It’s been linked to body pains, headaches, poor exercise recovery, allergies, and digestive issues. It’s acidic, said to promote excess mucus, and is often filled with excess hormones, pesticides, bacteria, and inhumanity. What more about this food do we need to hear before we kick it to the curb? 

Dairy and Calcium Loss

Sadly the dairy industry promotes the use of dairy foods like yogurt, some cheeses, and non-dairy milk as a good source of calcium, however there’s more to the story than we hear in marketing hypes. Dairy may contain calcium but it also causes calcium and mineral loss in the bones and muscle cells. This can lead to joint pain, arthritis, and poor overall health. It can also cause a nutritional deficiency that may be hard to spot.

Dairy Hurts Your Gut, Which Also Affects Your Joints

Dairy has also been linked to leaky gut syndrome, which can also affect the health of your joints. When leaky gut syndrome occurs, toxins in the gut leak into the bloodstream and trigger pain that leads to autoimmune disease. This condition leads to food allergies, around the clock pain, and even other health issues like fibromyalgia. A dairy-free (and gluten-free) diet has been shown to improve conditions in those with leaky gut, which also reduces joint pain and chronic fatigue as a result.

Dairy is a Bad Idea for Exercise and Performance

Then there’s the concern of many athletes- performance and recovery. It’s incredibly frustrating to exercise and want to enjoy your rewards, but suffer constant joint pain. It’s even worse to compete in a sport that requires proper speed and recovery and fall short in both due to joint pain. Poor muscle recovery can cause muscle injuries and even long term damage. Besides, who wants to exercise and be sore all the time? An anti-inflammatory vegan diet has been shown to improve energy, recovery, and overall athletic performance. Famous athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and plant-based (phenomenal) powerhouses Brendan Brazier and Rich Roll are two well-known plant-based, dairy-free advocates, and even vegan bodybuilders like Derek Tresize testify that removing dairy from their diet changed their athletic performance for the better.

What Happens When You Give Up Dairy

Everyone experiences different benefits when ditching dairy, however, some of the first (and most noticeable) effects are undoubtedly less inflammation and joint pain, better skin, and enhanced digestion. Fewer allergenic reactions, less fatigue, and even a better mood are other benefits that one usually experiences quickly.

How to Remove Dairy From Your Diet:

If you’re having trouble kicking dairy to the curb, don’t feel bad. At some point or another, most all of us have eaten dairy, thinking we needed it. Luckily, it’s easy to give up once you ditch it for good. Since dairy is addicting, after a week or so, your body will adjust and you won’t even crave it anymore. Trust us, when you’ve been without milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and other dairy products long enough, you can’t imagine going back- ever.

There are also many amazing vegan substitutes on the market that you can use in place of dairy, or that you can make yourself. Your joints will thank you, so give these ideas a try:

Let’s ditch dairy and start feeling good, shall we? If you’re dairy-free, what’s your favorite benefit?

Image Source: Cassidy/Flickr

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33 comments on “Got Joint Pain? Why Dairy is a Bad Idea”

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7 Months Ago

I have asymmetrical joint aches; my left knee hurts but my right is fine; my right shoulder alone aches. Still these aches subside when I completely eliminate dairy. I am not sure why the aches aren\'t on both sides but in any case, it seems odd to be eating dairy to begin with.

3 Years Ago

I really think it\'s different for everyone. But I noticed that when I gave up dairy I started to shed stubborn fat from areas that I had trouble getting rid of with exercise. Its hard to completely give up dairy because it\'s added to so many different foods like our cereals and instant oatmeal. But even reducing dairy consumption makes a difference, and there are always great recipe substitutes. Here are some great non-dairy recipes http://45cc60cyb3zedh14rl09rr3qj0.hop.clickbank.net/

Anal Olivia
28 Mar 2017

I was diagnose with seronegative arthritis.My fingers were very bad, I find it hard to do normal everyday, I started having pain in my lower back in May 2010. I had X-rays taken at two different hospitals. I was told by both doctors that they can’t see anything wrong. But my back kept getting bad to worse. I took number of treatments, I didn’t get much better. And my legs started getting colder.Now i can\'t still believe my self really cured from the sickness, oh by this time last year I start feeling bad about my life, I feel pain everyday of my life am very happy now that am really cured I couldn\'t have do this on my own I wish is not God that help me with my helper I was searching the internet about this sickness last 3 month when I found about this great doctor Ighodalo, the man that keep his words I wrote the man email about my problem immediately I get a reply from him telling me the steps and necessary things i need to do, i was doubting at the first time if it will work out but when i decide to give it a try, i found my self getting much better and i was cured. Am really happy now with my family you can also get your self cured too from this sickness by contact him through his email: [email protected]

Trevor E
3 Years Ago

Love this! Great piece, Heather!

Colin Johnston
3 Years Ago

Heather Mclees, you\'re an idiot. This article says nothing definitive whatsoever, and could you kindly explain how dairy manages to contain "inhumanity"?? You said it, not me. I seriously doubt your levels of intelligence with this \'article\'. It tries to scare while saying nothing at all, and makes no links between dairy and joint pain other than you putting the words in the same sentence. Again, you\'re an idiot, please stop writing on the internet.

Kamil Kuder
3 Years Ago

I relieve pain with joints. simple.

Keith Stefanko
3 Years Ago

Good read!

Corinthia Emanuel
3 Years Ago

Andrea J Fulton

Randi Alexandra Skyler-Jolly
3 Years Ago

I know that if I eat or drink dairy my joints hurt

Fiona N Stephen Lytton
3 Years Ago

Stephen Lytton

Soleil Tamturk
3 Years Ago

Omer Tamturk , Asuman Tamturk


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