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Apple cider vinegar is getting good press, people, and with good reason: It’s wicked good for our health. (That’s a lot of good swirling around!) This magical mixture can play a beneficial role in the digestive system, preparing the stomach and bowels for a first-rate performance. It can knock out body odors, both in the mouth and, topically, in the pits. But, the buck doesn’t stop there. Apple cider vinegar (ACV), in addition to be amazingly medicinal, is amazingly useful in other ways, and oddly enough, keeping a bottle in the bathroom isn’t such a bad idea. It may seem a little abnormal, but apple cider vinegar is a product that can perform multiple functions in the bathroom — naturally.

So go out and buy an extra bottle or two, or you can just make your own massive batch for next to nothing, and stick it in the loo.

1. Skin Conditioning

ACV is a great way to revitalize skin with vitamins and minerals, as well as combat complexion issues like acne and blotchiness. It can either be applied directly to problem areas, or it can be diluted with water to be used as full on face wash or as hair conditioner with anti-dandruff powers. Apple cider vinegar has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it a great choice for those trying to ditch the chemicals.

2. Hamper Help

Lots of folks keep their laundry hamper in the bathroom, and for those of us a little less on the ball, it often results in the contents getting overly humid and funky. Since we’ve got some apple cider vinegar in the bathroom, we can just squirt a diluted solution (with water) onto clothes or towels before they go in, or if something unsavory is detected, and the anti-bacterial aspects of the vinegar will keep unwanted smells away.

3. Disinfectant Cleaner

Luckily, that spray bottle of diluted apple cider vinegar doesn’t come in handy with laundry alone. In actuality, apple cider vinegar is a great (really great) disinfectant cleaner capable of removing mildew from tubs and shower curtains, getting the commode tip-top and subduing water stains in the bathroom sink. For those tasks that need heavy-duty strength, simply use pure apple cider vinegar, and it’ll save some elbow grease.

4. Drain Maintenance

Everyone remember those science experiments where we’d build a model of a volcano and dump in baking soda and vinegar with red food coloring. Well, nix the food coloring, and the bubbling “magma” effect of mixing baking soda and vinegar is great for dealing with mild drain clogs in the bathroom. As well, the mixture can just be done as part of the weekly (monthly or annual) cleaning, and the drains will stay clear. Remember baking soda first, a tiny bit of water to wash it down, and then the vinegar.

5. Dental Care

Can you think of any other disinfectant bathroom cleaner/drain unclogger/hair conditioner that can also double as mouthwash … without disastrous results, that is? Use apple cider vinegar as mouthwash to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath, all the while removing stains from the teeth and cleansing the gums. It doesn’t even matter if we swallow apple cider vinegar. In fact, it’s healthy.

For those looking to get chemical-free in the bathroom, apple cider vinegar is simply a must have, as it’s a centuries-old solution for so many issues that need to be dealt with in the facilities, from digestion to disinfecting. Remember as always, the organic, all-natural variety with the mother is the best bet. It may seem expensive, but how much money will it save us not to have to buy all these different things?

Lead image source: Wikimedia Commons

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1 Years Ago

One through four are excellent tips. However, I feel the need to caution other NOT to do #5 (rinsing mouth with vinegar). Vinegar (along with other acidic foods) weakens the enamel on your teeth. The LAST thing you want to do with it is rinse your teeth with it. You\'ll be "cleaning" the enamel right off your teeth if you rinse with it and then brush before the enamel re-hardens. If that\'s not enough to convince you, think about it like this. Do you really want to clean your teeth with a substance that is strong enough to unclog the thickest crud from your drains?

2 Years Ago

These 5 tips are really effective. You wrote these tips very well too. I think everyone will find those as helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Best Regards


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