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While many teens are focused on the latest trends and hanging out with friends more than anything else, there are some teenagers who completely focused on their futures. Being a teenager in this day and age is exciting, with all the new opportunities available, but it’s probably also daunting to think of building a future, let alone a future that won’t lead to creating a ton of debt. Going to university or college can cost up to $45,370 per year including room and board. So students are left with a massive debt load to carry and sometimes very slim pickings when it comes to getting a job once they’re out of school. Then, comes the issue of home ownership, which, in this economy can lead to a lifetime sentence of debt. So what are the teens of today to do? Well, some free thinking teens are taking matters into their own hands by building themselves tiny homes that won’t put them into debt at all. Most of us who are past that age, might be thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” because it’s really just that brilliant of these kids to come up with their own housing solutions to create sustainable futures for themselves.

Sicily’s Petite Maison


One of these awesome teenagers is Sicily, a young lady who built her very own 128 square foot house when she was 13 years old. She began her build in 2013 and completed it a year and four months later which is pretty impressive. She chronicles her tiny house building journey through her blog called La Petite Maison which means “The Tiny House” in French. She saved up her own money, researched how to build, and got to work with her dad and others to build her debt free home.  Sicily says that it was really empowering to know that she’s capable of building her own house and that her tiny house means independence for her. Sadly, while in the process of building her tiny house on wheels, Sicily’s dad passed away tragically in a car accident. He had been assisting her in the build every day, and even when he was gone, she kept on building, saying that if she couldn’t build it with him, she would build it for him, in memory of him. So amazing.

Austin’s Abode


Austin Hay built his tiny house when he was 16 years old as a school project. For the project he could choose to research anything he wanted, so he chose to research how to build a house which led him to build his own tiny house that he can live in mortgage free. It reminded him of a treehouse that he’s always wanted to build since he was a little kid, but since it’s on wheels, it’s way more practical for living in full time and moving wherever he needs to go. He put his woodshop class skills to work while building his house, and got a bit of help too. Keeping his design really simple, he was able to do most of the work himself, he kept costs low by using recycled materials and items he found for discount prices. Austin says that he’s happy to be a part of the tiny house movement to show that it’s totally possible to build a home of your own. An updated video of his tiny house shows how much further along he’s come along in his build. He’s inspired other teenagers and adults to build their own tiny houses too!

Living Life Fruitfully


Another free-spirited teen, Annabel O’Neill, built her tiny house on wheels, learning as she went along. She allowed herself the time to learn from her mistakes and build a home that’s all her own. She started looking for housing alternatives when her older sister was going to college and Annabel was shocked by how much tuition costs per year, plus living expenses on top of that. So she figured building a small home on wheels would be far more affordable, and it would be all her own. Her tiny house building journey led her to live a life of minimalism where she only surrounds herself with the items she truly needs and loves. She’s living a life of conscious awareness that will have a positive impact on the Earth, which is such a mature, responsible thing to do starting at young age.  You can watch her videos on her YouTube channel Living Life Fruit Fully and check out her beautiful hand-built tiny house. She also has a book you can read too.

These teens show that with some hard work and dedication, your dreams can totally come true, no matter what your age. It’s no wonder so many people are being inspired to build tiny houses of their own. Have these teens inspired you to do something out of the ordinary and go after your dreams? It’s never too late! To learn more about how you can build your own tiny house, click here. 

Lead image source: Geran de Klerk/unsplash

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Kris McGee
1 Years Ago

So pleased to see Annabel recognized for her talents. A fabulous young woman.

Ann K Belmont
1 Years Ago

Just amazing. How marvelous that some young people strive to succeed where other teens are trying to destroy our world. God bless you all and keep on making a difference in this world in which we live. You are a blessing to all of us 80 yr old\'s.


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