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You had such a great day at the beach, playing in the park, boating on the water, swimming in a pool or just spent some time out in the sunshine today.  You either layered some sunscreen on the morning and forgot to reapply or forgot that when it gets cloudy those UV rays are still harmful and you can get burned.  You can get burned within a half hour or less with no protection.

When you get home that night and the sun has gone down, your body starts to feel hot, you noticed a bit of redness earlier in the day, but now it has gotten a lot more red and you are starting to feel that itchy and burning sensation you know you are experiencing a sunburn.  If your skin is blistering and you are experiencing nausea, fever, headache, and dizziness you could have sun poisoning.


You have learned your lesson and are kicking yourself for it, but at this point all you want to do is stop the itching and burning.  After you take a cold bath with essential oils such as lavender or chamomille and baking soda to sooth the burn and reduce the itching.

Here are some natural aftersun remedies to help you to continue to soothe and moisture your skin to keep it hydrated and reduce the sun damage.

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