Flesh is for Zombies

Z-Day is upon us, my friends. A zombie apocalypse is looming, and we must protect ourselves and save as many people as we can. Not sure how to tell who’s a flesh-eating zombie and who’s not? Forget about looking for a slow, shuffling gait—the way to spot a real zombie is to take a peek at his or her plate. If a person is chowing down on someone else’s body parts, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a zombie on your hands. After all, mindlessly consuming the flesh of a tortured, terrified victim who didn’t want to die is a pretty standard zombie move. Thankfully, peta2 is out there on the flesh-eating frontlines fighting the zombie outbreak.

Launched earlier this summer, peta2’s international “Flesh Is for Zombies” campaign is a fun and lighthearted way to draw attention to the monstrous mistreatment of animals raised and killed for food. From going into the trenches to do zombie outreach at this year’s Warped Tour to fighting the resistance online through a website packed full of interactive anti-zombie activism, this innovative campaign is encouraging carnivores to save themselves and their friends and families from zombiehood by kicking corpse cuisine to the curb and going vegan instead. And man, has it been a staggering success!


Zombies on Tour

If you build a peta2 information tent at a music festival, they will come. Currently taking this summer’s Warped Tour by storm, the “Flesh Is for Zombies” campaign is a monster hit that is encouraging concertgoers to think for themselves and stop being mindless meat-eating minions (aka zombies). The result? More than 178,000 young people have signed a pledge to live la vida vegan at least one day a week by going flesh-free on Fridays.

Working the Warped Tour for nearly a decade now, peta2 never leaves the hordes hanging for more information. Everyone who signs the pledge will automatically receive weekly recipes and product recommendations to help them make a smooth transition into a compassionate, flesh-free lifestyle. And no one walks away from the booth without loads of free gear—including stickers, literature, and a DVD that includes interviews with their favorite bands as well as PETA meat industry exposés such as “Glass Walls.”

Zombie Cyber War


So right about now you’re probably wondering: “How do I prepare myself for a zombie apocalypse?” Have no fear, the “Flesh Is for Zombies” website has your back should zombies attack. These often fun and always frightfully effective online features are guaranteed to help you survive (and even prevent) a zombie outbreak:

  • “I Am Not a Zombie” Pledge: This is designed to help those who still feast on flesh save themselves by pledging to go vegan.
  • Whack a Zombie: Ever wanted to whack zombies with a mallet made out of a fearsome broccoli floret? Your time has come.
  • Zombie Survival Guide: This handy-dandy infographic includes information on the source, symptoms, and causes of the zombie virus; how to identify zombies (did you know that Ronald McDonald is a zombie?); and the five key steps to surviving a zombie attack. It also features a convenient, cruelty-free “zombie food” converter that will help any zombie who has an attack of the meat munchies.
  • Zombies 101: Here’s a short and simple video tutorial about zombie survival. Spoiler alert: Your Uncle Steve is a zombie.
  • Zombify Yourself: Scare your friends into going vegan by using this photo generator to show them what you’d look like as a zombie.
  • Zombie Gear: Want to make it clear to the world that you’re not a flesh-eating zombie? Buy this tee.
  • Zombie Survival Mission Box: Know a young person who’s hungry to help animals? Turn them on to peta2’s popular and proactive Street Team, where they’ll earn prizes for completing missions for animals.
  • “Unlucky Victims” Slideshow: Tweet photos from this slideshow to expose the behind-the-scenes cruelty on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.
  • Zombiehood: How Safe Are You?: How close are you to zombiehood? Take this quiz to test your zombie “warning level.” Just so you know, red is not a good color for anyone.

I’ll admit it: Zombies are pretty scary. But they’re not nearly as horrifying as what happens to animals who are killed for “zombie food.” Eating meat contributes to the misery, abuse, and cruel deaths of millions of innocent victims every year. Like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and feel emotions, including love, happiness, fear, panic, and pain. Also like us, animals do not want to be terrorized and eaten by zombies. Yet chickens, pigs, fish, and other animals killed for food suffer in ways that make Night of the Living Dead look like a chick flick: Piglets are torn away from their distraught mothers just a few weeks after birth and have their tails, teeth, and testicles hacked off; chickens have the ends of their sensitive beaks cut off with a red-hot blade and their throats slit while they’re still conscious; and fish are cut apart while they’re still alive.


So don’t be a zombie or a zombie-enabler. Spread the word about the zombie outbreak—and encourage your friends to kick their flesh habit today! And remember: Grains, not brains!

Marta Holmberg (Peta) Contributor -- One Green PlanetMarta Holmberg is the division manager of youth outreach and campaigns at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Holmberg oversees PETA’s efforts reaching out to young people between the ages of 13 and 21. She is the co-author of PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook and has given numerous cooking demonstrations showing college students how easy it is to cook vegan. Although many of Holmberg’s projects have placed her in the limelight, she says that the most rewarding part of her job is hearing from young people that she has made a positive difference in their lives