Vegan fashion is truly expanding. Plenty of designers are ditching fur, leather, mohair, angora, and more animal-derived materials. Many celebrities are also bringing vegan fashion to the forefront, such as Miley Cyrus with her vegan fashion collaborations with Converse and Martha Stewart’s vegan shoe line with Payless. Now, an even more exciting addition to the fashion industry is an entirely Vegan Fashion Week!

Source: @veganfashionweek/Instagram


Vegan Fashion Week is on February 1-4. The runway lineup will be announced on January 21st. On February 2-3, there will also be a Vegan Lounge that will feature companies exhibiting their vegan products. Companies in attendance will include Mink Shoes, Vegan Club, Arsayo, and many more! Tickets are already up for sale and VIP tickets are mandatory to attend the runway show. The event will be located at the California Market Center at 110 East 9th Street.

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Lead Image Source: @veganfashionweek/Instagram