Featured Green Monster: Sarah Gross, Founder + President, Rescue Chocolate

Sarah Gross is the founder and president of Rescue Chocolate, a vegan chocolate company whose profits are donated to various animal rescue organizations. She is also a co-founder of U.S. Veg Corp, a company that helps stage vegetarian events such as the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in humanities from the University of Maryland. After a brief career as a professional ballet dancer, she became a certified Pilates instructor.  Sarah now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her rescued pit bull, Mocha.


From granola bars to vegetarian food festivals, Sarah writes about a range of topics for One Green Planet! But all her articles are grounded by a deep love for animals, a commitment to veganism, and common-sense solutions that benefit people, animals, and the planet. Check out all Sarah’s fabulous articles, below:

  1. Raising the Bar: Top Granola Picks!
  2. From Vegan Economics to Sailing: Meet the Speakers of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival (Part II)
  3. Meet the Speakers of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival (Part I)
  4. Fostering Fulfillment: The Unsung Heroes of Homeless Dogs
  5. Food Festivals: Good Times Meet Vegan Activism
  6. Holiday Guide to Gifting an Animal a Happy Home
  7. The Vegan Food Spectrum: From Veggies, Fruits and Grains to Fakin’ Bacon Chocolate Bars!
  8. Science + Vegan Recipes = One Good Healthy Eating Book
  9. Common Sense Solutions to Problems Impacting People and Animals
  10. How We Can Make America a No-Kill Nation for Cats and Dogs
  11. Invisible Ones: The Plight of Homeless Pets in America

To learn more about Sarah and her work at Rescue Chocolate (or to buy some of their delicious products!), visit www.rescuechocolate.com, follow them on Twitter @rescuechocolate, or friend them on Facebook.