eco friendly vegan clothes for kids

Putting off that back to school shopping?  In denial that the summer is coming to an end? Here are some great eco friendly kids’ products that can help you and your kids get excited for the new school year.

Every “school supplies list” through 5th grade seems to require crayons and markers.  And while a lot of the big art suppliers claim that their crayons and markers are non toxic, do we really know what that means?  With Clementine Art supplies, you get 100% natural products.  Founder Diana Mercer, an art teacher from Boulder, CO, wondered “is non toxic good enough for these magical children?”  Concerned about chemicals, dyes and additives lurking in these supplies, Diana started making children’s art supplies from all natural ingredients including flour and water.  Now Clementine makes a full range of all natural, certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly art supplies.


My eight year old daughter tested out the markers, glue, crayons, paint and modeling dough, and she absolutely loved them.  They are fun to work with and fit so nicely into her little hands. She liked the colors and the way the crayons glided smoothly across the paper. She also thought the modeling dough smelled really yummy.  I was happy with the way all the products didn’t give off that scary “toxic-fumey” smell associated with many other art supplies.

Another place Talia gets to show off her artwork is right on her lunch bag.  We recently needed to get a new lunch bag as her old one had started to rip from one too many spilled lunches and subsequent washings.  So we picked up the Natural Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag from EcoBags.   At first she thought it was too plain, but when I explained that she could draw her own design on it, she became very excited and creative.  Now she’s ready for 3rd grade with her personalized lunch bag showcasing one of her works of art.  Another handy item is her 17oz Stainless Steel water bottle and insulated carrier from Affirm Water.  The carrier helps keep her water cold, and after school she can keep her water bottle with her in the playground even if she leaves her heavy backpack behind with her babysitter.  The bottles come in all kinds of inspiring and attractive designs, three sizes, two colors and they are super sturdy and come with 2 types of bottle caps!  Sometimes the loop cap is more handy, and at other times the sports cap is just what you need.

Speaking of backpacks, we are really loving our new “green it.” backpack from Bennu.  These backpacks are made 100% from recycled bottles! They are comfy, stylish and a great conversation starter. They come in two sizes, the standard is perfect for a preschooler or kindergartener and the large works well as a book bag for for my 3rd grader and  8th grader (did I say 8th grader – I have a kid in 8th grade? Eeks!).

My teenager is a boy, but if you have a teenage girl you may be concerned about the products she is putting on her skin.  We recently wrote a glowing review (no pun intended) of Good For You Girls skin care products for teens.  They are vegan and gluten free, and contain NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrance or Dyes!  I love their new Body Shimmer Lotion, and although it’s meant for teen and tween girls, it works for mom too!


And to wrap up (I’m on a roll with the puns here), let’s talk about clothing for those cool fall days.  Repair the World carries some great eco-friendly clothing for kids including comfy T-shirts, Sweats, and Hoodies.  They are made of recycled cotton and polyester and are super light and fleecy.  My favorite is the Reparel™ Kid’s Unisex Zipper Hoodie which comes in some great colors and has two inside pockets – including one that’s especially made for an MP3 player, DS, or cell phone, with cord routing port for earphones.  Not that anyone is listening to their iPod in school, but it’s a cool feature.