8 Ways to be Eco-Friendly at School

Image Source: Josué Goge

It’s that time of year again–summer is fading away, and school is settling in. That means notebooks, brown-bagged lunches, long bus rides and many other things that aren’t necessarily great for the environment.


Believe it or not, schools have a huge environmental impact. They require lots of electricity to power up lights and computers; they use tons of water for drinking fountains and bathroom and kitchen usage; and buses contribute to air pollution, especially when idling for students. Paper use is also a big issue–from handouts, to tests, to notebooks, paper is utilized in schools on a daily basis and contributes to the approximately 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper used in America every year…that’s equivalent to 535 million trees!

Although the solutions to those problems lie in the hands of school district administrators, there are plenty of small changes you can make to your school routine that will have tremendous environmental benefits in the long-run. And the more other people adapt these positive habits, the more of an impact they will have on preserving our precious planet.

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