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1. They credit their vegan diet for their health, wellness and energy.


Who needs to drink green juices and smoothies to be healthy? Can’t they just stick to lifting weights and enjoy steak for dinner like normal people? Hippies.

2. They love animals. Ugh.


Isn’t that sickening? Caring for animals and fighting for their rights?! I mean, come on. How can they care more about cows than Louis Vuitton!? Damn those morals!

3. Some of them even look cute as a button!


Look at them, eating greens, blending smoothies, shooting arrows like elves. Do they want to live forever? It’s so unfair.

4. They care about the Earth—those jerks!


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, massive water and air pollution, soil erosion and contamination…who cares about this mumbo jumbo? Oh, wait, vegans!

5. They mislead you with their food…wicked, tricksy, false!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.34.01 AM

They make delicious cupcakes, cookies, muffins and a whole bunch of stuff without any butter, cream, cheese, milk….those cheats! Even Paula Deen hates them.

6. They are so demanding….why can’t they just enjoy bacon like normal people!

The 10 Step Guide to Dining Out Vegan…Like a Boss!

Vegans create pandemonium at restaurants just because they don’t want to eat greasy, high-cholesterol, heart-clogging food. They want this and that and don’t put that on my food, could I have extra this? Geez vegans, just shut up and sit down!

 7. Such elitists….spending all their money on veggies!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.48.50 AM

They sit on their high horse and judge others. Why don’t they just advocate for change in food subsidies so vegetables are less expensive? Oh, they do do that? Well, they repulse me. 

8.  Worst of all…science and medicine supports them!


Ugh, Vegans.

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493 comments on “8 Reasons Everyone Hates Vegans”

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1 Months Ago

Eating meat doesn\'t benefit anyone especially when there\'re many more types of food available everywhere. I\'ve been active in mental health care for over 20 years now and that\'s exactly why patients have no meat in their diet since eating meat increases aggression and they\'re already struggling to control their behavior. It\'s a scientific and medical fact.

I too believe that it\'d be much better for everyone including animals obviously if people stayed vegetarians from long ago.

2 Months Ago

Just felt the need to say this: I generally hate people but vegetarians/vegans are among the few groups of people I actually like and wouldn\'t mind hanging out with because unlike meat-eaters they\'re non-selfish, non-arrogant, non-destructive,aware of the severity of how badly the human race is destrying other life forms and this planet (and themselves too) and they\'re caring and care about science too. They restore my faith in humanity little bits at the time.
I wish all of the \'human beings\' were like that and then and only then we might\'ve had a
chance to save other beings, nature and as a result of that, ourselves. Vegans, thanks for
being the responsible good human individuals every one of us must\'ve been.

vultures over fields
2 Months Ago

Why do I see so many vultures over a field after the harvest? Because the machinery slaughters millions of little animals as it plucks the veggies and grains, and trillions of insects. I don\'t want animals to die. I love animals and the planet, and I want to protect both. But I hate (some) vegans and vegetarians for the same reason I hate the mormons at my door -- you are preachy and ignorant, and you give us legit rational, ethical people a bad name.

Loving that Hate
2 Months Ago

So let me guess, those angry about vegans are the same ones who support guns, wars, genocides, slavery, racism, sexism, domestic abuse, beastiality, ... right? Cause that\'s how the few I\'ve seen were like who didn\'t like people talking sense and humanity ... LOL! Just ignore those clowns. History showed us that the likes of them NEVER stand. PROUD TO BE VEGAN ALWAYS AND FOREVER! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! *victory sign*

2 Months Ago

I\'m 15 and have a large number of intellectuals and people credited for their scientific works around me, of those 0 of them are meat-eaters. Among my family at least 95 percent of the people over 40 are strictly forbidden to eat any sort of meat except for a few specific kinds of fish by their specialized doctors and consultants. Nuff said!
I\'m not even that smart and I\'m 100% sure vegetarianism is superior and better for everything and everyone than eating meat and killin animals for it.
I\'ve also been a vegan since 3 years ago. I stopped eating meat as soon as I learned how meat exactly is made. Best decision I\'ve made so far. I\'m also a member of an animal-protection group. I too don\'t need anyone praising me for doing what\'s right. Thanks for the article.

2 Months Ago

The most natural state of us human beings is us when we"re kids. Kids never see animals as food! Tell or show a child where meat comes from and watch them completely rejecting ever eating meat again and being really mad at you for killing an animal for food!
That\'s what happened when once the kids in our family found out the truth and ever since they all rejected meat and forbid us to buy meat or kill any animals for food and I was a vegan from long ago but the rest of the family also started shifting to being vegan and the kids were all fed high-protein high-iron vegan diet from then on (they still eat diary though) so my point is that those who advocate killing animals for their own unreal egos need to realize that it\'s them who are being relentless anormal human beings. Anyone actually capable of thinking understands why vegans insist on reducing animal abuse or killing of them.
I don\'t preach meat-eaters one by one but since this is the first time I see such ignorance from a few comments here I didn\'t want to stay silent. I will not tolerate them saying whatever meaningless things or using \'alternative facts\' like many of those here are trying to do. In real life most people around me become ashamed that they\'re still not vegans when I tell them that I am and for example if we are together without me saying anything they too order a meat-less dish and they also lean more towards being vegan after a little while (since it is the healthier choice too and meat is much more expensive than fruits/grains/veggies/ ...) because similar to many places with logical people where I am, being vegan shows that you are aware and knowledgable enough to go with that so people who like the taste of meat never even dare to say any ridiculous made up stuff like these few comments here! I loved the article btw!

2 Months Ago

I became a vegan around 5 years back and honestly I did it for animals but pretty soon I found myself in a MUCH BETTER physical state than ever before! I never experienced feeling heavy after eating or food lingering in my system again, my energy level has been unbeliavaby high and I feel physically lighter and more agile and brisk and I never experienced stomach acid problems since and interestingly enough my iron deficiency got solved immediately thanks to spinach, fruits and nuts.
The side benefits of vegetarianism by themselves are totally worth the correction and yeah ... like all the other vegans I couldn\'t care less what some hateful, selfish, savage animal-abuser thinks of me and I\'ve NEVER been given anything but positive reaction and compliments and respect for being a vegan and I feel proud of myself for seeing the truth behind meat and not contributing to animals suffering by omitting meat/gelatine/ ... entirely from my diet. Us humans eat waaaay too much so even one people omitting meat can help animals and environment A LOT.
And yeah the world is moving towards the betterment of all and in the country I\'m living in there are many discounts and privileges for vegans and restaurants selling vegan food only do much better than let\'s say Mcdonalds or steak houses or anywhere else serving dishes with meat (especially red-meat). Cheers to all my fellow vegans and animal-lovers. \\o/
This article was great by the way. Really happy I came across it. Thank you.

2 Months Ago

And lower we have some proof of the arrogance and ignorance of a few bunch advocating animal abuse and more ignorance ... WOW XD They\'re funny!

Great Article
2 Months Ago

I have huge respect for all vegetarians all over because they\'re objective, fair, intelligent, considerate, respectful, ... . That\'s why I look up to most Indians that I\'ve met since they were all vegetarians. I would call myself that too but unfortunately I love gummy candy and I still haven\'t managed to find a brand that\'d produce non-animal-based gelatine but I don\'t eat meat or use anything that\'d give anyone an excuse to abuse or kill an animal. I don\'t preach though cause I work in production and what I do is slowly cutting and stopping meat production using my own ways.
And to the main question, well DUH, for the same reason why slave-lovers didn\'t like it when reasonable decent people told them that slaves are also human and equal to them ... slave-lovers pretended they didn\'t know that to continue their misdeeds. And honestly America is the only place I\'ve seen where some say phrases like "I hate vegans" or discourage vegetarianism but then again America is also the only place I know of where polite people and science-lovers are made fun of and even bullied by a loud bunch who barely respect anything/anyone or open a book.

Cheers to all vegans and animal rights activists. I\'ll join you too as soon as I spot a store selling vegan gummy worms. :D

A Sane One
2 Months Ago

Hi! Your article is phenomenal and your point is totally accurate! Thank you!

I\'m moving towards being a vegan but at the moment I still eat some chicken and fish and I\'ll do it because I won\'t stand animal abuse and destructive selfishness.
I honestly couldn\'t believe it when I heard it for the first time that someone finds being vegan a bad thing and where I live (not the U.S. obviously) those who are vegan are considered actual elites and of a higher class and even intelectuals.
Personally I found out that the reason why some oppose vegetarianism is their narcissistic selfishness mixed with the knowledge that we all know it\'s right but since they still don\'t see beyond themselves they try to justify what they\'re doing by acting like they don\'t see what\'s right (again like you said, they say some hilarious things like comparing plants to emotionally intelligent animals). But no worries, like you said, science and medicine and recently history (since it\'s now proven that us humans were herbivores by default) support vegetarianism and overall the world is moving towards more intolerance for animal abuse and selfishness.
Your article brought a massive smile on my face. ;)


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