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1. They credit their vegan diet for their health, wellness and energy.


Who needs to drink green juices and smoothies to be healthy? Can’t they just stick to lifting weights and enjoy steak for dinner like normal people? Hippies.

2. They love animals. Ugh.


Isn’t that sickening? Caring for animals and fighting for their rights?! I mean, come on. How can they care more about cows than Louis Vuitton!? Damn those morals!

3. Some of them even look cute as a button!


Look at them, eating greens, blending smoothies, shooting arrows like elves. Do they want to live forever? It’s so unfair.

4. They care about the Earth—those jerks!


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, massive water and air pollution, soil erosion and contamination…who cares about this mumbo jumbo? Oh, wait, vegans!

5. They mislead you with their food…wicked, tricksy, false!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.34.01 AM

They make delicious cupcakes, cookies, muffins and a whole bunch of stuff without any butter, cream, cheese, milk….those cheats! Even Paula Deen hates them.

6. They are so demanding….why can’t they just enjoy bacon like normal people!

The 10 Step Guide to Dining Out Vegan…Like a Boss!

Vegans create pandemonium at restaurants just because they don’t want to eat greasy, high-cholesterol, heart-clogging food. They want this and that and don’t put that on my food, could I have extra this? Geez vegans, just shut up and sit down!

 7. Such elitists….spending all their money on veggies!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.48.50 AM

They sit on their high horse and judge others. Why don’t they just advocate for change in food subsidies so vegetables are less expensive? Oh, they do do that? Well, they repulse me. 

8.  Worst of all…science and medicine supports them!


Ugh, Vegans.

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493 comments on “8 Reasons Everyone Hates Vegans”

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4 Months Ago

Hmmmm, sorry, but I, like most of the planet, cannot stand vegans.... hate is too strong a word... but I digress - the reason most of us hate vegans is because, just like your article, they spout incorrect, inaccurate and straight out false information and pass it off as gospel all to bolster their personal beliefs. FACT - an omnivorous diet is healthier than an all plant diet - this is the standing of the vast majority of the medical and nutritional field - so your article saying that science and medicine supports them is utter tripe.

We can\'t stand vegans because they are self righteous liars who spread baseless propaganda.

2 Years Ago

People hate vegans because many of them
are self righteous assholes who eat an unhealthy diet.

2 Years Ago

but i actually do hate vegans

2 Years Ago

I\'m not trying to stereotype, but vegans i know seem all quite uptight and unfriendly. There was a very nice German girl in my class back then whom i\'m really fond of, but she is the one who would start yelling and poking all of sudden during a conversation. She is also probably one of most judgy persons ive ever met in my whole life.

2 Years Ago

Why not promote candy and tasty things, why are you so into being bland foods.....
Why can\'t we eat naturally dead animals, I\'d let an animal eat me if I died, wouldn\'t anyone? Pish posh.

If you don\'t answer this varying amount of questonians....... I may have to shuffle away! Hahahaha.......

jennifer stewart
2 Years Ago

i don\'t get vegan\'s they\'re the most angriest being\'s on earth why are you so mean all i wanted to know is this are oreo\'s vegan friendly or not you didn\'t have to yell at me for it sincerely the girl in you\'re grocery store bye

Someone Awful
2 Years Ago

I\'m pretty sure people hate vegans and vegetarians because they\'re just plain ol\' assholes.

2 Years Ago

Claiming it\'s about animal rights/the environment/etc. but then making comments insinuating that eating a vegan diet will make you "cute as a button", and thus if you\'re not \'cute as a button\' it\'s because you either aren\'t a vegan or you\'re not doing it right, might have something to do with why so many people end up hating vegans...

Nora Jones
16 Jan 2015

It\'s called satire and I recommend you take a course in punctuation.

3 Years Ago

Hahaha! This was great. What a cute way to laugh off the haters, rather than arguing with them. I am not currently a vegan but I\'m leaning into it slowly. My biggest obstacle is figuring out how to be vegan on a budget. I have five kids and money is tight. There are so many delicious vegan recipes out there but so often they seem to call for exotic ingredients (whatever the latest fad is, be it goji berries or acai) and I just can\'t afford those things. I know that it is completely possible to meet all my protein needs with a plant-based diet, but nuts and powerful grains like Quinoa are expensive. I would love to see a post on being vegan on a budget. I\'m really glad I found your blog, it is awesome!

13 Jul 2014


The recipe book \'Vegan on the cheap\' is fantastic!

Scott Hassall
30 Aug 2014

Hi Tamar

I became full on Vegan about 5 weeks ago. I must say that it has been cheaper for us it worked out that much cheaper that we now upgrade our foods to organic.

You\'ll be fine... get going with it and all will gradually fit into place. Generally watching movies like Earthlings for free on Youtube will make it oh so easy to transition and stay that way

All the best.

Asha Wan
3 Years Ago

No. People actually hate vegans because there are so many aggressive vegans who give the rest of us a bad name, by trying to turn people who aren\'t ready or willing to change yet (or ever). LET THEM COME TO YOU AND WHEN THEY ASK, THEN GIVE THEM INFORMATION. When self righteous vegans stop shoving their personal philosophy down every Tom, Dick and Harrys throat, then people will stop hating us because they assume we\'re all pricks.

02 Jul 2014

THANK YOU! People hate vegans because enough of them are "in you face" types to give the rest of them a bad name. I know one person who is a SERVER in a BURGER joint and reprimands people for their orders... then asks on Facebook "Why do people refuse to see the harm they\'re doing?" Um... excuse me... why do YOU refuse to see how obnoxious you are? And btw, why haven\'t you been fired yet? I really appreciate your comment Asha because I have all sorts of respect for the vegan philosophy... but I\'ve had too many rude experiences with the practitioners to make me any kind of comfortable discussing the subject at ALL. I\'m a vegetarian locavore without the self-discipline to go vegan. And I\'m more than happy to discuss my food philosophy... with anyone who ASKS me, not anyone I happen to see eating meat. I tried to reason with the person I referenced above about simply not berating people *while* they were trying to enjoy their dinner and she told me flat out I had no convictions and no spine.

14 Jul 2014

Agreed. The behavior of vegans made me not want to be one for a very long time.

D\'Arcy Cooper
22 Aug 2014

No, people hate vegans because they are hypocrites devoid of any logic. I am vegan and I hate vegans. Vegans talk about animal rights to the point of saying horses shouldn\'t be ridden and then they buy iPhones, cars, and all the rest of it. They say they are doing for animals but clearly they are doing it to feel good about themselves. Which is fine, just don\'t be a hypocrite about it. It ain\'t about saving animals.

Scott Hassall
30 Aug 2014

I can sometimes understand us Vegans frustrations though. It\'s infuriating to see someone eating meats. Especially those who know full well and still do it. I do believe Veganism as a whole is the kind of thing that you find though it doesn\'t come to you. I knew animals didn\'t have the best of lives and still ate meat. I don\'t think many know the full extent of it though! As I learned from Earthlings things where much worse than I could ever have imagined. Now I\'m full Vegan and can\'t believe I ever ate meats or that they can be eaten humanely or sustainably!

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