4 Ways to Green Your Thumb Without a Huge Garden

Wouldn’t we all love to have a nice home garden filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers? A home garden can simultaneously cut our budget and shrink out waistlines but actual gardening can become a huge task that involves time, skill, and yard space many people do not have. But you can still have a greener thumb with these unique home gardening products that allow you to grow your own food without a lot of fuss.

1. Back to the Roots at home Mushroom Garden Kits (pictured) are a great way to start growing your own food without worrying about constant care. Each kit is just 19.95 and grows up to 1 1/12 pounds of mushrooms. These amazing kits are made from reclaimed coffee grounds that are packed into a cardboard box for use as fertilizer for the mushrooms to grow. When your kit is fully grown, send Back to the Roots a photo via their facebook page and they will donate a kit to an elementary classroom of your choice.


2. Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters, $38.90, allow you to “plant” tomatoes on your porch or balcony when you simply hang the device up. The set up allows the water and nutrients to flow straight to the roots, resulting in ripe, delicious fruit while keeping it safe from weeds that result in harmful pesticides. The company has also branched out and now makes strawberry, tomato and herb, and hot pepper planters!

3. Want to gift a bouquet of flowers and a card? Why not both at the same time with Botanical Paperworks card as the gift that keeps on giving. You can wish someone congratulations for any occasion or buy yourself some stationary made from post consumer recycled plantable paper and embedded with wildflower seeds.

4. Add some flavor to your meals with an Indoor Herb Garden Kit. Herb Kits make an assortment of grow your own plant kits including culinary, medicinal, and herbal tea kits, all with non-GMO seeds.