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All eyes may have been on Meghan Markle’s dress this weekend, but the true star of the Royal Wedding was, in fact, a Beagle named Guy.

On the day before the nuptials of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Guy was seen traveling in a car with none other than the Queen. We are yet to see car sharing between everyone’s favorite monarch and her new granddaughter-in-law, but with Guy paving the way, we suspect such an event to be imminent.

Yes, that’s Queen Elizabeth sharing the back seat!


As with all celebrities, it is important to know a little about Guy’s history so we can appreciate just how far he’s come. Guy was found abandoned in the woods in Kentucky back in 2015 and was taken in by a shelter when no one came forward to claim him. Unfortunately, this meant Guy was due to be put down; his rescue from certain death was secured by Dolores Doherty of A Dog’s Dream Rescue, an Ontario-based charity that saves Beagles on the kill list in the U.S. and brings them to Canada for refuge.

Guy traveled 500 miles to an adoption event just outside of Toronto, where Meghan just so happened to be filming Suits. Meghan attended the adoption event and Guy’s happy ever after began; a true Hollywood blockbuster in the making, and we think you’ll agree!

Meghan Markle/Instagram

Meghan Markle is known for being a feminist, humanitarian, and general champion of all that is good. As well as this, the new Duchess is an advocate for animal adoption over buying pets. It seems that rescued, adopted animals bring as much joy to Meghan as they do to the rest of us animal lovers!

Meghan and Guy are in good company with the Royal Family, and with Queen Elizabeth in particular. We recently saw her walk the gardens of Buckingham Palace with the United Kingdom’s unofficial grandfather, David Attenborough, and know that she has taken to banning plastic straws and bottles at the Palace after watching Attenborough’s Blue Planet series. But as well as an environmentalist, the Queen is also a renowned lover of Corgis, and no doubt she has bonded with Meghan over her natural affinity for pets. In Harry and Meghan’s first interview together following their engagement, he said, “For 33 years, [I’ve been] barked at, and this one walks in, and absolutely nothing, just wagging tails.”

We are sure you will join us in congratulating the newlyweds — and Guy the Beagle on his good luck in his new home!

Image Source: Thomas Hetzler/Unsplash

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0 comments on “Meghan Markle Stunned the World This Weekend – But Her Rescued Beagle, Guy, Was the Real Star”

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4 Months Ago

Well I\'m a vegan (and an anti-monarchist), and I think Meghan is great news for the UK in terms of animal rights (when have we ever had a royal who\'s anti-hunting and at least apparently sympathetic to veganism?) And great also in terms of anti-racism, feminism and humanitarianism. Plus, she\'s strikingly beautiful, always a bonus.

It won\'t be easy for Meghan, what with all the racists, jealous women (just look at Renata\'s hysterical tirade!) and general haters, people who are ready to swoop on her for the slightest mistake she makes. But there are plenty of us who like and admire Meghan, and who are grateful to her for her campaigning work. Go Meghan - we\'ve got your back!

Otto S
4 Months Ago

I also agree that calling Megan Markle a humanitarian is stretching it a bit. What about her other dog that she just left in LA? A part time Vegan how great. Will she go with the Royal family on their Fox hunts and still say she believes in Animal Rights? How about serving lamb at the Wedding luncheon, did she eat the lamb too I wonder. She calls herself a feminist and married into one of the richest families. I agree with Renata and I too am so disappointed with Green Planet for playing up this women. Time will tell.

4 Months Ago

Hard to think of Megan Markle as an animal lover when she\'s marrying into a family that hunts and kills animals. Maybe she\'s on a mission to change them all but I doubt it.

Ted C
21 May 2018

One can still be an animal lover and hunt.

4 Months Ago

Sorry, but Guy didn\'t steal anything. No-one mentioned him. I live in London and we have been bombarded with this wedding between a well-known animal abuser and a woman who likes to pretend to be vegan, but only part-time. Not to mention the many square metres of silk of her second dress (God knows how the ceremony one was made of). I don\'t know what happens to Green Planet. Not only the title is highly misleading but it\'s difficult to understand why you are so fixated with this woman. She is a hypocrite trying to get compassionate people on her side and therefore of the royal family\'s side (well known for their cruelty) to gain "points" since the queen well knows that she could be the last one. How can you play their game in such a blatant way? I am very disappointed. I thought you were more serious about animal causes. Try to get back to reality please.

Ted C
21 May 2018

I think we know who\'s lost their grip on reality here Renata.

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