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The question of how we’re going to feed a population of 9.7 billion people by 2050 is possibly the most burning one facing humanity. Our current food system, which is heavily focused on meat and dairy production, already occupies around half of the world’s arable land and uses a majority of freshwater resources – and still, around one billion people lack access to food. What’s more, the massive amounts of air and water pollution, coupled with the greenhouse gas emissions produced by animal agriculture are contributing to climate change and endangering our ability to grow more food for people in the future.

The bottom line is we’re doing a better job at feeding animals than we are at feeding people – and if we continue to do so, we will be absolutely incapable of feeding ourselves in the near future. Luckily, many individuals and companies are taking note of the failures of our food system and looking to new technology and innovation to solve this pressing issue. Being that we’re familiar with the statistics surrounding just how damaging our food system is to people, animals, and the environment, we are cautiously optimistic about the change that has been happening with a rise in plant-based protein companies and consumer trends that favor eating less meat and dairy – but we recently heard something that has given us tremendous amount of hope for the future of food and the planet.

In a recent interview with  Zacharias, co-founder of One Green Planet and host of the new podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed, founder and CEO of KBW Ventures detailed how he plans to relegate factory farming to the dustbin of history – within the next 10 years – through strategic investments in cellular agriculture and plant-based proteins.

Khaled believes that there is a viable solution to factory farming in cellular agriculture and thanks to the tremendous leaps this new technology has made in the past five years alone, he is quite certain that companies will be able to scale it up and make “clean meat,” which is grown in a lab, using a small fraction of the current resources to produce meat without harming animals or the environment, competitive with current organic meat in a decade or less.



Hearing something like this certainly has us hopeful that change is on the way – and this is only one of the extremely encouraging things Khaled shared in this interview.

You can listen to the full episode on the following platforms: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher




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0 comments on “Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed Wants to Relegate Factory Farming to the Dustbin of History”

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Victoria Jacques
11 Months Ago

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1 Years Ago

Hmm ... lovely that this uber-rich, jetsetting prince of a country sometimes described as \'the world\'s largest prison for women\' has such a progressive attitude toward other animals. Great that he\'s vegan - not sure I\'m ready to call him \'such a good man\' and wish he\'d have more influence on other world leaders.

23 Jun 2017

I like positivism. Great that he believes in some great cause and take steps to make it happen. No matter what it is either it\'s for animals welfare or human; we\'re all connected. Also, because of his uber-rich status, his voice can reach out a bigger audience...nothing\'s wrong with that as long is he does good.

Mary walishko
1 Years Ago

Excellent news

1 Years Ago

Great respect to this prince! He obviously cares greatly and has thought much on the subject. Hopefully this will encourage other people in power.

Adinas Henry
1 Years Ago

wow that is so exciting!! I think people like this are the light bearers for our future. Meat kills people, animals and our environment; it is such barbaric behavior keeping animals locked in filthy factory farms and then slaughtering them at the end of their miserable lives :( Well done !!!!

1 Years Ago

i remember reading about this Prince here before. i like him then and even more now. Hot only is a member of royal and thus entitle family but he is from a part of the world where many animals are not repeated and treated well. I wish him much luck in this endeavor. How perverse that that animals are slaughtered. When that term is used for people it is considered a tragedy yet when used for animals it is considered normal.

Beth Grant DeRoos
1 Years Ago

BRAVO!! Growing fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains being plants also help make our air cleaner ,our underground aquafers purer, our rivers and streams cleaner, and our bodies healthier.

Christina Wilson
1 Years Ago

Saudi Arabia is the last place I would have expected to find such a good man. All the power to him!

1 Years Ago

It is hard to believe there are that many people on the planet due to the many wars that are constantly raging. Fake news? Factory farming is a disgrace to the human species and should be eliminated. Glad to know somebody will do something about that.

Alison Campbell
1 Years Ago

The real problem is overpopulation. How the "elephant in the room" (not to mention the poor elephants themselves who are endangered because of overpopulation) is never talked about gobsmacks me. So the solution is just to keep dialing back inefficient food production while people keep having kids logarithmically? What happens when the population jumps to 11 billion or 15 not long after we hit 9? Wake up people! It is not everyone\'s god given right to keep having as many children as you want when the whole planet is at risk! Makes me crazy.

14 Jun 2017

Thank you, Alison, you are 100% correct!!! Why is NOTHING being done NOW to prevent the human overpopulation catastrophe for 2050??? It makes you crazy, it makes me MAD!!! The sheer insanity, irrationality, irresponsibility, immorality of HUMAN OVERPOPULATION!!! Humans aren\'t the ONLY species on Earth, folks!!! I wish the "Holy Father" and his "Holy Mother Church" would STOP encouraging "the human family" to overwhelm the planet, as if the other animals aren\'t entitled to enjoy the Earth!!!

Joel Olsder
14 Jun 2017

I understand your concern but also urge you to look at the facts in this doco. by the late Hans Rosling a statistician and humanitarian and creator of the website Gapminder.


I would love to know your thoughts after watching. Let\'s also remember that we breed far more animals than there are humans and in fact chickens, cows and pigs outnumber humans because of consumption choices.

Population is expected to stabilise at around 10-12 billion, people are having LESS children, but living longer. I also shared your position in the past but not after learning all of this.
Thanks Joel :)

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