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Earth Petition

While the status of the how the U.S. treats climate change has never been stellar, under the recent administration, it certainly seems like any positive progress towards implementing lasting solutions is being swiftly undone.

On Inauguration Day, the Trump administration removed all mention of climate change from the White House website. By January 23rd, all grants and hiring efforts were frozen at the EPA, stalling the agency’s work. If that wasn’t enough, Trump has also nominated climate deniers and oil company executives for key cabinet posts. Scott Pruitt is now in charge of the EPA – notably, he went to court a total of 26 times to block the EPA’s environmental actions in his prior career as Oklahoma’s attorney general.

Further, Trump has also hinted at his intention to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate agreement.  According to a petition on Care2, compliance with the Paris agreement is the world’s best chance to tackle the climate threat facing us all. Further, the petition explains that withdrawing from it would be a devastating blow that would set us back years in the fight against climate change, hurt our economy, and harm our reputation around the globe.

The Natural Resource Defence Council is calling on the public to tell President Trump the American people disagree with his reckless plan – and that he’ll pay a political price if he goes through with it. You can join by clicking here. 



Although all of this might leave you feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed, the reality is we all have the power to influence change in the U.S. Just because the government refuses to take action to ensure the future integrity of the environment doesn’t mean you can’t.

Petitions are a great way to speak up for what you believe in. If you feel like doing more, you can contact your local representatives. Give them a call, write them a letter, or send an email. Tell them your stance on climate change, hold them accountable for bills that are up for review, and most importantly let them know how you feel about the actions they take.

Volunteering is also a great way to speak up. Whether you commit to an hour, a weekend, or an entire month, time spent volunteering is invaluable. Help be the change in your area by cleaning up a beach, creating a hiking trail, or stuffing envelopes. Try Idealist to find opportunities near you, or look try the National Parks Service.

You can also make simple changes in your everyday habits to limit your impact on the environment. Reducing the amount of plastic you use daily can help protect marine species, and reducing the amount of meat and dairy you consume – or eliminating these items entirely – can vastly reduce your water and carbon footprints. To learn more about how you can act today, join One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic and #EatForThePlanet campaigns.

Earth Petition

Image Source: robynm/Pixabay 

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john pasqua
1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

You guys need to change your name to the "scientifically inept planet". Here\'s a news flash children. The scientific method requires experimental reproducibility. Do you have any? How then is it science at all? You didn\'t really think that through did you? LOL!

16 Apr 2017

How can you be pro-polution? I don\'t understand that. It takes 5 minutes to learn about climate change since you don\'t comprehend it. A child can understand it as I learned about it in elementary school. The vast majority of people studying the climate and those that travel to the north pole for research on climate change, such as carbon dioxide levels, are laughing at you. You must be a hardcore republican because your comment is sad and embarrassing. Of course, I\'m probably speaking to a child so this comment is most likely pointless.

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