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Animal Petition

Whether or not everyone can agree on it, climate change is happening. According to NASA, the average global temperature has increased by over three degrees in the last hundred years. In addition, sea levels are up by over an inch, while overall precipitation has increased by eight inches. These rapid changes spell bad news for every living thing on the planet, but particularly for the Polar Bear. These animals are native to the arctic circle, where they have evolved to roam large sheets of ice, hunting the seals that also make their homes here. However, due to the rapid increase in ocean temperatures, the ice sheets are melting at the rate of 8.6 million acres per year, creating major changes in the polar bear’s natural habit.

While the governments of the world bicker about the causes of this situation, the glaciers are melting, fast. This means a change in the migration patterns of the seals, which forces the bears to journey far and wide looking for food, or to starve trying. Some bears are trying to adapt by swimming miles, sometimes for days on end looking for the seals. While others are adapting by feeding on new food sources. There have been recent reports of bears raiding dumpsters and even eating dolphins, who have also been forced into new migration patterns by changing water temperatures.

None of these animals understands that its habitat is disappearing. They don’t know why this is happening, or what to do about it. They only know that they are hungry and trying to feed themselves and their babies in the best way that they can. These bears are apex predators. Most of them have never even seen a human, yet they are becoming the poster children of global warming, victims of human offenses a whole world away. By now, we are all familiar with the idea that Polar Bears are disappearing, but a recent image from Andreas Weith of an emaciated bear in the Arctic solidifies what exactly this means:

polar bear


With so much suffering in the world, it can be easy to ignore the plight of this poor emaciated creature, desperately clinging to survival at the edge of the world. But by ignoring the fate of animals, we are also ignoring the fate of ourselves. In many ways, this bear’s disappearance signifies the beginning of a downward trajectory that we may not be able to stop if we don’t seriously take action.

The good news is, there is one simple thing that we can all do every day to help this desperate species recover. One Green Planet believes that our global food system dominated by industrial animal agriculture is at the heart of our environmental crisis.

This destructive industry currently occupies over half of the world’s arable land resources, uses the majority of our freshwater stores, and drives greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this system causes rampant air and water pollution, land degradation, deforestation and is pushing countless species to the brink of extinction. And yet, one in eight people still suffer from food scarcity.

“The real war against climate is being fought on our plates, multiple times a day with every food choice we make,” says Nil Zacharias, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Green Planet, ”one of the biggest challenges facing our planet, and our species is that we are knowingly eating ourselves into extinction, and doing very little about it.”

As the leading organization at the forefront of the conscious consumerism movement, it is One Green Planet’s view that our food choices have the power to heal our broken food system, give species a fighting chance for survival, and pave the way for a truly sustainable future.

By choosing to eat more plant-based foods, you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options available, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind. Check out One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet movement to learn more!

You can also help by urging the U.S. government to stand for climate action. Click here to sign IFAW’s petition demanding clear and swift legislation!

Animal Petition
Image source: Andreas Weith/Wikimedia Commons 



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706 comments on “This Single Photo of a Polar Bear Will Show You WHY We Need to Stand Up for the Planet”

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stupid liberal moron
4 Months Ago

One picture and the world is ending. the bears cans swim 8 miles and then they usually take a break, looks like he/she just got out of the water looking for yummy seals. As for the temps and the end of the world we are told it\'s evil co2. Co2 is what we exhale and plants use for food so I don\'t think taxing co2 will solve sh*t it\'s called a scam. Governments do it daily. Co2 is .04% or 300 or 400 ppm since 1880. The temps fluxuate and all nasa lies about everything, hides this info but tells us the great news. Screw nasa and James Hansen the other liar. If you want some real data go to icecap.us you could read this library until you die and you wouldn\'t finish. The earth has no normals and for all we know HAARP and the illuminati and the bilderbergs are screwing everything up to kill us so they can save resources from the useless eaters. Oh and the government military complex helped by the shape shifting aliens and time travelers we hear about on art bell, well now geroge noory. All you can control is tomorrow, live it and stop worrying about "climate change" because you can\'t do shit about it, even if buying a prius would help.

4 Months Ago

What makes me angry is opportunist stories. such as this whole story created around a sickly bear. For all we know ti was ill cancer or any other diseases animals get. you use it to say it starved. there were tests done on the animal if so results are not divulged. i am for animals. I hate dishonest attempts at pushing a cause that end up giving the cause a bad taste in peoples mouths. I also hated that when this picture was first put out in the internet no attempt was given to aid the animal. (do not interfere with nature) I have donated to green peace, save the seals and volunteered at the sea mammal recuse center in Marin

12 Apr 2018

Yes old bears can starve when they are too feeble to catch prey. Old humans die also, often from "vaccination". We never see the stories on the humans dying as a result of "the flu shot". Why is this?. I guess just like the starving bear "nature must take its course".

4 Months Ago

"These rapid changes spell bad news for every living thing on the planet, but particularly for the Polar Bear."

The Polar Bear has survived as a species for many millions of years; survived through temperature cycles much greater than what is projected. The Polar bear is a MIGRATOR and will move to follow the food as it has for MILLIONS of years.

Please pause in your conquest to TAX us by 100s of TRILLIONS of dollars on an admitted Chimera.

There is much we can do to be environmentally conscious one of the most important IMO is to stop this march to a NWO.

4 Months Ago

Oh my God! Polar Bears get old and die? The Horror!

12 Apr 2018


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Muriel Servaege
5 Months Ago

Signed. The predicament of polar bears is heartbreaking. And when I think man is responsible ...

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