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Concerns around health and animal-welfare as well as growing knowledge about the environmental impact of industrial animal agriculture are largely responsible for a shift towards plant-based foods, but increasingly we are seeing that people and their diets don’t squarely fit into any one label. This is exactly what motivated Brian Kateman to start the Reducetarian Foundation.

Brian coined the term “reducetarian” to define people who are actively eating less meat – whether that means eating smaller portions of meat or replacing it all together. While not everyone may agree, the reality is the label you wear is much less important than the impact you can have by simply leaving animal products off your plate.

Brian has turned the simple idea of eating less meat into his mission. To learn more about how he plans to unite anyone who wants to see the end of factory farming and burst the vegan bubble, listen in.



Image source:  Falcona/Shutterstock

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8 comments on “Why We’re Not Going to Tell You to Go Vegan…”

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2 Months Ago

(after reading some of the comments posted) Each experience is only an opportunity to change who we are and not an opportunity to try and change someone else. It is by our own actions that we create conscious change not by pointing the egoic finger. Learn to accept new ideas as our moment to reflect on locating what is positive about anyone looking towards a more sustainable world as opposed to pissing out fire & brimstone. Fear finds fault in every moment and is always in resolve whereby love just finds the strength.

Stacy Adkins
3 Months Ago

How profoundly disappointing to find this on OGP! As one of my favorite websites, I am honestly shocked to see this, here... Here\'s a definition of a "Reducitarian"~ 1) Someone who makes just a little bit of effort, but not enough to inconvenience themselves.
2) Half-assed

Will you start promoting "just a little bit" of animal products in your recipes, as well?

3 Months Ago

Why is one green planet supporting this idiot? Bursting the vegan bubble? So you are promoting someone that is going to talk shit about vegan\'s on a vegan site?? Really WTF?? He understands that eating meat contributes to damaging our only home the planet, so he is supporting cutting down, but continuing eating meat? How is that going to help anything? OH and he hates labels so he made a new one up?

Kevin Watkinson
3 Months Ago

Kateman falls for the paradox of choice. Whilst its a bit unknown what anyone would need to do to be a reducetarian. The idea of bursting the "vegan bubble" is also most of what the corporate animal movement are doing anyway. If anything people need to burst his speciesist bubble and have the confidence to be vegan and do rights based advocacy whilst Kateman reassures people it is ok to eat and use animals and not be vegan.

3 Months Ago

How ridiculous! You\'re either vegan or not. Half-way measures don\'t work in the long term. They only postpone the inevitable: for the animals, the planet, your health.

3 Months Ago

OGP, you\'re normally brilliant. But this post is mealy-mouthed wishy-washy nothing. I agree with the others who\'ve made the point that this doesn\'t go anything like far enough, nor address the real problem.

I accept that not everyone can make the transition in one go. But being a reducarian is a bit like being \'a bit\' of a caring person, isn\'t it? Or a bit divorced??

3 Months Ago

Brilliant. Doesn\'t like labels, so he adds one more! He very adeptly misses the point why most people adopt a plant-base diet. Personal health, environment are also worthy reasons but typically further down the list. Most vegans didn\'t wake up one day and say "I want a label" or " I want to eat differently". They wanted to end animal cruelty. Yes - it can be tough being part of a minority group, but this watered down version of tackling a terribly cruel, albeit often unwitting, behavior, is deluded.

3 Months Ago

why is OGP supporting this kind of nonsense? so called "reducetarianism" is pure, unadulterated speciesism. choosing to do less harm is always better than choosing to do more harm but that in no way justifies choosing to do harm in the first place. is it "less bad" to murder one human being rather than five? of course but that in no way addresses the fact that murdering anyone is unjust and immoral - especially when it is done in the name of pleasure or convenience

Susanna Farley
20 Jun 2018

Well said. I agree 100 per cent. OGP should be ethically responsible and promote veganism. So-called \'reducetarianism" (what a crap word!) can so easily backslide into full-scale omnivory. A commitment to a plant-based lifestyle draws a line and sets a definite boundary on what is permissible and what is not.

Non-human animals, and the rest of nature, do not exist for humans to use, exploit and degrade. Period.

21 Jun 2018

If it was April 1st I could understand this story but otherwise it is pure crap. ahimsa42 is spot on. Besides why do omnivores feel the need to pretend to be anything but what they are? Are they trying to be \'cool\'? A part-time vegan is an full-time omnivore. Period.

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