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We have probably said this 100 times and we will likely say it 100 more, the plant-based food space is exploding! Just a decade ago, there were a handful of companies manufacturing soy or almond milk and a few focused on veggie burgers, mostly catering to a small population of vegetarians, but today, it seems that there is a new company releasing innovative plant-based products every single day. From burgers that look and cook exactly like beef to pea protein milk that has a nutrition profile superior to dairy milk and a variety of vegan cheese in every form and flavor, it’s really no wonder the entire plant-based food category pulls in around of $5 billion in sales every year.

There’s no doubt that the variety and excitement surrounding these new products contribute to their overall success with consumers – but there is something much more powerful at play that’s been pushing this change for years now: the evolution of media and the technology that powers it.

Information is literally at the tips of our fingers at any given point in the day and as a result, people are much more savvy about the food and products they purchase. Consequently, meat and dairy consumption have been on the decline in the U.S. amid rising consumer concerns about animal welfare, personal health, and the environmental impact of these products. Largely, this is thanks to advancements in video and social media that can quickly disseminate the truths about factory farming with engaging visuals and facts. The rise of media may have caused a decline for companies that rely on industrialized animal agriculture, but in the case of burgeoning plant-based food companies, it has the potential to help craft an entirely new food system.

In a recent interview with Jerry Sever for Plant-Based Business Week, One Green Planet’s Co-Founder, Nil Zacharias explains how the evolution of media is influencing the evolution of the food system and how entrepreneurs and change-makers in the food space can rise above the noise and get their products noticed by consumers. Nil shares some of the tips he’s learned from running a media company and illustrates how these basic strategies can benefit any business that is trying to connect with today’s consumer.

He also gives his predictions about rising food trends and how new types of technology and mediums of sharing information will help to form a more enlightened food system.

If you work in the food space or have any interest in the intersections between our modern food culture and media culture, be sure to check out the full interview! 

You can listen to the full episode on the following platforms: iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher.

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Image source: beeboys/Shutterstock

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